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C# Sharp for Beginners

This developer tutorial teaches you the basics of how to program in the .Net programming language, C#. Code along with our examples to learn more.

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Best Practices for Code Refactoring

What is code refactoring and why should it matter to developers - especially those in the .Net field. Learn more about writing better code.

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Programming Buzzers and Buttons: Embedded Programming for Under $15

This is the second article on a series devoted to helping you get started developing embedded apps in C for under $15. Learn more!

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What is Data Parallel C++?

An overview of the open source compiler project based on C++ known as DPC++ with example code. Download the code editor and follow along.

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Microsoft Build And The Critical Move To Open Source

This week was Microsoft Build. We discuss Microsoft's embracing of Open Source software at the developer event. Join the chat.


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