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Creating Excel Charts in C#

Learn how to plot a graph from the data in Excel sheet, and export a chart from Excel sheet through C# and save it locally.

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Delving into .NET Standard 2.0

With .NET Standard, you only have to master one platform, which will be able to run on all .NET platforms.

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Multi-Paradigm C++: Combining Object-Oriented and Functional Programming

Combine elements of objected-oriented and functional programming paradigms to create highly modular, extensible, and loosely coupled components.

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Watermarking Edit Controls Using C# or Visual Basic

This little trick will eliminate having to manually clear and re-populate all the text fields on your form.

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Performance Analysis Using the Visual Studio Code Profilers

Code profiling is dynamic program analysis for identifying performance problems and more. Learn about the VS code profilers available.

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Creating a .NET Transparent Panel

Create a new Panel component and change its components so that it's semi-transparent.

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Code Parallelization in C#

Code Parallelization in C#

Computer software used to be written for serial computation by a serial computer. Circumvent that concept and work in parallel streams.

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