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What Are Pointers-to-Members in C++?

A pointer-to-member represents a location inside a class; selecting a member means offsetting into it. Explore this intricate idea. With examples.

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Single Instance Applications in .NET

Explore two ways to check whether an application is already running. Example code is both in C# and VB.NET.

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What is Dynamic Object Creation in C/C++?

Creating objects dynamically enables us to allocate and remove spaces. Understand the concept in C++.

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Licensing Solutions for .NET Applications

Read through various ways to license and protect your .NET applications from potential pirates. You may find the perfect choice for your own work.

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Understanding Automatic Type Conversion in C++

The C++ compiler can perform automatic type conversion. Learn about the intricacies of automatic type conversion in C++.

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Creating a Maze Game in .NET, Part 3: Adding the Final Touches to the Form

Wrap things up and finish the mouse maze game. Coding examples are both in C# and VB.NET.


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