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Using Funky Image Filters with Visual Basic.NET

Use the .NET Framework to apply several interesting image filters. The code is also available.

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Simple Solutions: Coding C and C++ with Visual Studio Code

With the addition of the C/C++ extension to Visual Studio Code, you might have what is needed in a small, cross-platform editor.

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Using Selenium WebDriver with Visual Studio

Learn how to set up Selenium WebDriver using Microsoft Visual Studio, with an example to explain how to write a quick test using WebDriver.

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Extracting Icons Associated with Files in Visual Basic.NET

Learn how to extract associated icons from files and display them in your programs.

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Considerations when Implementing an Information Management System

Here are seven things to consider if you are planning to implement your own information management system.

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How Bundling and Minification Work in an MVC Application

Discover Bundling and Minifying in ASP.NET, two powerful features by which you can improve request load time.

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