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Coding for Windows 10 If You Don't Have Windows 10

Discover how you can start coding for Windows 10 even if you don't have Windows 10!

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Resizing Drawn Objects with VB.NET, Part 2: Circles and Odd Shapes

It's easy to resize circular and odd shapes if you've read this!

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Understanding Onion Architecture

Onion Architecture addresses the challenges faced with 3-tier and n-tier architectures, and provides a solution for common problems.

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Bing Search APIs and .NET

Familiarize yourself with the Bing Search APIs and their use in the .NET universe.

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SOLID Design Principles with Implementation in C#

Use SOLID principles to achieve low coupling, high cohesion, and strong encapsulation.

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IoT Development Platform: Cisco Jasper IoT

Jasper's new Control Center 7.0 provides businesses with greater flexibility, as well as advanced security, automation, and analytics.

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  • Microsoft Azure® is a leading choice for businesses looking to take advantage of the cloud. Azure is particularly appealing to businesses that have already invested in Microsoft on-premises and are now considering running these applications and other workloads in the cloud. To understand how to make this move to Azure, many businesses are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) with specific Azure expertise. Read this white paper to learn the eight key areas to focus on when considering an MSP for an …

  • Agencies that integrate back-office processed with cloud-based services, advanced analytics and talent management solutions can reduce costs, maximize efficiencies and transform employee recruitment and retention. Learn more by reading this interview brief by GovLoop with Infor industry thought leaders.

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