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Facilitating JSON, LINQ, and VB.NET

Discover how to read JSON data using LINQ in Visual Basic to make your coding less of a headache.

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Using Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)

CQRS dictates that every method should be a command that performs an action or a query that returns data. Learn to integrate it into your database.

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Calling Web APIs from jQuery and JavaScript

Learn how to create a Web API using the ASP.NET MVC framework and consume it from a client application.

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Mapping and Un-mapping Network Drives with VB.NET

Learn how to map and un-map network drives from your VB code.

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Metro Application and Windows Runtime (WinRT)

WinRT rolled out with Windows 8. You might keep some older technology because you have an investment, but what will you choose for your next project?

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Palindromes in Visual Basic.NET

Learn how to detect palindromes from within your VB.NET application.


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Code Parallelization in C#

Computer software used to be written for serial computation by a serial computer. Circumvent that concept and work in parallel streams.

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