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How a Compiler Deals with Inline in C++

Explore inline from the perspective how a compiler deals with its intricacies.

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Creating a Maze Game in .NET, Part 1: Structure

Create your own mouse maze game. Examples are both in C# and VB.NET.

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Understanding the Intricacies of Inline Functions in C++

Learn more about using macros and inline functions in your C++ programming.

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Creating a Magnifier in .NET, Part 1: Structure

Learn how to make a magnifier with the use of the built-in magnification functions of Windows. Examples are in C#.

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Creating a Shape Editor in .NET, Part 3

In the final article in this series, put it all together and create a canvas to draw on.

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Xamarin, Part 5: Portable Class Libraries (PCLs)

Discover the world of Portable Class Libraries (PCLs) and how they can work for you.


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