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What's New in Visual Basic 15

With the new release of Visual Studio 2017, let's look at what's here today!

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C++ Exception Handling: How to Handle Exceptions in C++

Learn to implement exception handling mechanism in C++.

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What's new in Unity 5.6 and More

With 38% of all mobile games globally, Unity is something to take seriously. See what's new in Unity 5.6.

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Getting Started with Visual Studio 2017 and ASP.NET Core

Still postponing the upgrade to VS 2017? Here's some information that can help you decide whether to plunge ahead or wait longer.

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Visual Studio Tools to Help You Code Faster

Learn about some of Visual Studio's newer tools to make your coding and debugging a bit more productive.

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For Digital Experience Design, the Platform Powers the Creativity

Choosing the right platform—IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS—can greatly enhance your Cloud presence.

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  • Microsoft® Office 365 is a top choice for enterprises that want a cloud–based suite of productivity collaboration applications. With Office 365, you get access to Microsoft™ Office solutions practically anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device. It's a great option for current Microsoft users who can now build on their experience with Microsoft™ solutions while enjoying the flexibility of a cloud-based delivery. But even organizations with no previous investment in Microsoft will find that …

  • The open source cloud computing project OpenStack has come a long way since NASA and Rackspace launched it in 2010. Backed by leading technology infrastructure providers including Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, and VMware, OpenStack underpins significant workloads at an increasingly diverse set of organizations, including BWM, CERN, Comcast, eBay, and Wal-Mart. For CIOs engaged in broader programs to win, serve, and retain customers -- and refocus business technology (BT) spend -- a planned and pragmatic …

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