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Creating Dynamic Assemblies and Running Dynamic Code in VB

Pick up the basics of how to create dynamic assemblies and how to run dynamic code.

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Mobile Device Detection in C#

Just a few lines of code will let your program determine whether it's being reached by a mobile device.

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The Free Microsoft Visual Studio Dev Essentials Tools Explained

Gone are the days where you needed to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to start developing hardcore applications. See what Microsoft is giving developers for free in the Visual Studio Dev Essentials program.

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Recording Sounds from Visual Basic

There are several different ways to use Visual Basic to record sounds from your daily life. Explore a few here.

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Using Self-signed Certificates to Encrypt Text

Self-signed certificates aren't just for securing communication with sockets. Learn how to use them to encrypt text.

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Qt Basics: The Chain of Responsibility Pattern

Develop a stable framework that can be used in solving issues with already available design and C++ code.


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C++ Tips and Tricks

Quirky and yet persistent, C++ is a language that keeps programmers coming back to it. Pick up some new ways to wrangle it into your workflow.

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