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Implementing an MVC Model with the Qt C++ Framework

Gain an intuitive understanding of MVC with its actual implementation in the Qt C++ Framework.

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Using the Entity Framework Core with SQLite

Learn about a very nice combination of technologies: Entity Framework Core 1.0, SQLite, and a console application.

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Creating a Screen Recorder with Visual Basic

Create a video recorder that records your desktop and mouse on your computer.

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Six Programming Languages and Libraries Taking Over In 2016

Here are six programming languages and libraries, along with projected salaries, taking over in 2016.

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UI Testing Strategies for Front-end Developers

Testing your UI code is very important because it solves a critical issue when creating user interfaces: certainty.

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Manipulating Excel Data with Visual Basic

Discover how to work productively with Excel Worksheets within Visual Basic.

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The Value of APIs

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are where you have to be. It's not a matter of if as much as a matter of which.

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