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Common Library Functions in Visual Basic

Learn about the functions, and see a small example of how the particular functions can be used.

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Soft Deleting Entities Cleanly Using Entity Framework 6 Interceptors

Explore new features in EF 6 and understand how these can be used to achieve soft deletes in a cleaner way.

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Caching Regular Data Benefits Regular Programs, Too

Using output caching is now much easier to use, thanks to .NET 4 and higher, and also can be used in a traditional application.

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Sub Queries and Sub Tables in SQL and VB

Learn  more about sub queries and sub queries, and, more importantly, how to use them with Visual Basic.

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Automating Code Deployments to Azure Using TFS Online

Automate deployment of your Azure Web Site through Microsoft's cloud-based Team Foundation Services (TFS) offering.

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10 New Things in Visual Basic 2015

Visual Basic 2015 provides a number of new features. Here are ten you’ll likely find useful.


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