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Creating a C/C++ GUI with GTK+

Explore using GIMP to program modern GUI interfaces in C and C++.

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Exploring the Microservices Architecture

Take advantage of Microservices architecture, a suite of independently deployable and loosely coupled services to design complex applications.

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Transferring Data Using SqlBulkCopy and Visual Basic

Learn to use the SqlBulkCopy command within Visual Basic.

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Functional Programming in C#: Purity and Concurrency

Learn about pure functions and why they should be your weapon of choice when writing code for parallel and, more generally, concurrent execution.

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Creating a Crossword Puzzle in Visual Basic

Create a Crossword puzzle generator in Visual Basic. Hold on tight; it's going to be an interesting ride!

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Using C# 7 Pattern Matching

Take advantage of pattern matching to check for patterns in your code, improve performance, and simplify your code.


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Understanding C# Tuples

Understanding C# Tuples

With the arrival of C# 7, tuples have changed quite a bit. If you haven't been using them, read this article; you might reconsider their use.

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