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TypeScript for the C# Developer: TypeScript Generics

Learn to use generics in TypeScript the same way as you would with C#.

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Creating a Visual Basic Menu

Menus allow you to arrange commands in a logical and easy-to-find fashion. Use VB to fashion your own menus.

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Using Microsoft Cognitive Services to Add Facial Recognition to Your Apps

Create a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app consuming the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services API to demonstrate characteristics of face recognition.

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TypeScript for the C# Developer: TypeScript Classes and Interfaces

Go further into the world of TypeScript and look at the concept of interfaces and classes.

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An Overview of Microsoft Bing Bots

A Web robot is an application that can run automated tasks, which are usually structurally repetitive. Bots can perform these tasks much faster than humans.

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Understanding Routing in ASP.NET Core MVC

Learn the principles of conventional and attribute routing.

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