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Creating a Simple Keylogger in Visual Basic

Learn to use keylogging techniques for good, not evil, purposes.

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Integrating Cortana with the Universal Windows Platform

Discover the ease with which you can integrate Cortana with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) travel app.

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Developer Feedback on Net Neutrality

We ask what developers think of net neutrality. The results are in. 

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Working with Visual Basic Interfaces

Learn to distinguish between interfaces and classes, and when to use which.

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Arduino Programming: Creating an LED Firework Effect

Use LEDs and a piece of wood to create a fireworks effect.

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Building a Speech-enabled Bot with Cortana Skill

The Cortana Skills Kit provides all the tools and docs for developers to promote services and engage users through the Cortana experience.


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Coding a Bing Bot

Bots are rapidly replacing the older technologies. Read through and become proficient with Bing Bots.

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  • Today, the ability to build applications that leverage emerging technologies including Internet of Things, cogitative, machine learning, and leveraging digital transformation separates the winners from the losers. However, using "cheaper" unsupported community software to build these applications has unforeseen cost disadvantages. IDC asked eight organizations using Red Hat JBoss Middleware solutions how their experiences with Red Hat compare with using community unsupported software. Read this analyst …

  • Learn about the state of the nation of Dell EMC Data Protection. What are the current Data Protection challenges our customers are facing? What are the unique benefits of the Dell EMC Data Protection solution? How do we assist our customers and partners with their effort to Modernize, Automate, and Transform their IT environments through efficient and innovative solutions? The discussion will cover protecting virtual environments, cloud based applications, and how to gain the efficiencies of cloud storage for …

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