Developer Careers for the VB Programmer

Having a ‘Programmer’ title can be somewhat ambiguous; trying to start a programming career, or even switching careers, can also be quite daunting and scary—trust me—I have been there and done that. This article will try to introduce you to the various types of software development there are as well the job titles that go along with them.

Types of Software Development

There are essentially eight types of software development. Here is a breakdown of these eight types.

1. Applications Development

This type of software development entails the designing of Windows Forms as well as coding an Operating System-based software application to solve a practical problem. This application might be a small program to solve an IT-related problem or to improve the lives of users. An application might be enormous, or small. It might even be a bunch of small little tools that fall under the same umbrella.

2. Systems Development

This development type deal with designing and coding software that works behind the scenes. These systems and the team that build these types of systems tend to be quite large in size. Yes, there will still be applications development, but the overall system is much bigger and used by larger companies to replace existing tools that do not do what they want, or simply to do everything possible through one big system.

3. Web Development

Web Development entails the designing and coding of applications which are hosted in a Web browser. A good example of a Web application is an online shopping site, such as

4. Embedded Systems Development

These applications do not work on a normal computer. They are usually intended to work on non-computer devices. Some good examples of such systems would be a car-tracking system, an application that runs on a scale, or even a barcode scanner.

5. Scientific Development

Designing and coding software that is primarily numerical.

6. Test Automation

Designing and coding software that simply tests other software.

7. Mobile Development

Developing applications that run on a mobile device.

8. Game Development

This involves writing games, be it computer games or X-Box games.

Based on the above list, you should be able to form a clear picture of the great big world of programming.

Let me continue with some not-so-obvious programming titles you should look out for when looking for employment as a programmer.

Types of Programming Jobs

Broken down by environment, there are mainly four different types of computer programming jobs:

1. Consultancy

Consultancy entails working basically part time, or rather temporarily, at a given place until a certain part of the systems implementation has been completed.

2. Working for a Software Company

Working for a software company means that you are employed to write code, or even research certain aspects of technologies to be used by your your team.

3. Teaching

Teaching involves, well, teaching. You teach students how to develop programs. Obviously, no one can teach you to think logically; a teacher can only guide you in the right directions and teach you how to use the various tools.

4. Research and Development

Research and Development is a very good area to be involved with. This allows you to learn new products, tools, and technologies.


It can be quite simple getting into the VB market if you know which areas you would want to specialize in.

Hannes DuPreez
Hannes DuPreez
Ockert J. du Preez is a passionate coder and always willing to learn. He has written hundreds of developer articles over the years detailing his programming quests and adventures. He has written the following books: Visual Studio 2019 In-Depth (BpB Publications) JavaScript for Gurus (BpB Publications) He was the Technical Editor for Professional C++, 5th Edition (Wiley) He was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for .NET (2008–2017).

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