Create An Azure File Sync Service

The Azure File Sync Service allows for the synchronization of on-premise file servers with Azure file shares, supported by Azure storage accounts. It can be used to transition between on-premise and cloud backup solutions, as well as, disaster recovery. The process to use Azure File Sync consists of three steps: configure the service in Microsoft Azure, install the agents, and configure the replication.

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How to Create an Azure Storage Account

To begin, open the Azure Portal, then click +Create a resource on the New menu.

Create Azure Resource

Next, click Storage and then choose Storage account – blob, file, table, queue.

Creating an Azure Resource

On the Create Storage Account page, select your Subscription and Resource group. Create a new resource group if you do not have an existing one.

Create Azure Storage Account

Enter the new Resource Group name and click Ok.

Creating Azure Storage Accounts

Next, in the Instance details, enter the Storage Account Name, select Region, Performance, and Redundancy options. After entering these details, click Review + Create.

Azure Storage Account Tutorials

Once all of the validation is passed, click the Create button.

Azure Storage Account details

Wait for the Resource Deployment to complete.

Azure Resource Deployment

After successfully creating the Azure Storage Account, open it. Click Files under the Service.

Azure File Service

Next, you need to create a file share. To do so, click the + File Share link.

Azure File Service Share Link

Enter the name for the File Share and select Tier. Then, to finish, click Create.

Azure New File Share

The File Share will now be created.

Azure File Share Created

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How to Create an Azure File Sync Service

To create an Azure File Sync Service, open the Azure Portal and search for Azure File Sync.

Azure Sync File

Click Azure File Sync. Once the screen appears, click the Create button to deploy the File Sync service.

Azure File Sync Service

In the Deploy Storage Sync screen, you need to enter the Name and select the Subscription, Resource Group, and Location. After selecting these, click Review + Create.

Create an Azure File Sync Service

Next, review all of the details you entered and choose Create.

Deploy Azure File Sync

Wait for the File Sync Deployment to complete.

Azure File Sync

After creating the File Sync Service, you need to create a Sync Group. To do so, open the LocalSync and then click + Sync Group.

Azure Sync Group

Next, on the Sync Group, enter the Sync Group Name and select a Storage Account by clicking Select Storage Account and choosing the Storage Account that you created earlier.

Sync Azure Storage Account

After selecting your Storage Account, you need to find the File Share Name. Select File Share and click the Create button.

Azure Storage Account tutorials

Next, you need to create a server endpoint for the Sync Group you created. Before creating a server endpoint, however, we need to set up our server. For that, we need to install and configure Storage Sync Agent Setup.

Finally, you need to add a server endpoint page. You can select your server on the Registered Server drop down menu and enter the path to sync the cloud.

Azure Storage Server Endpoint

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