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October 10, 2006

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– Flex Your Lexical Analysis
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– ASP.NET Tip: Creating an Atom XML
– [Updated] Thunking in Win32
– Windows Template Library: Still Alive and Kicking

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…How Many APIs Does It Take?

Last week I mentioned that Windows Vista was impending and that there were a
number of new features that were interesting. This past week, a new release
candidate was distributed (the second new semi-public build since RC1). This
build is now being reviewed could be the last before a release candidate.

What does this mean?

It means that Vista is truly coming, and coming soon.

If you’ve been developing for a few years or more, then you probably know
that it isn’t the language syntax that you have to know to be a good, fast
programmer, but rather the vast set of routines stuck away in libraries and
APIs. For example, in .NET if you know the .NET Framework classes, then you
quickly realize that Visual Basic versus C# is not that big of an issue–both
use the same class libraries with its thousands (or is that tens of thousands)
of classes, methods, and properties. It is these that you spend most of your
time learning.

So when I mention things like SuperFetch and ReadyBoost, you might be
inclined to say, “So what”. As a developer those don’t really impact what you
are doing. I would agree with that.But what might impact you are the new native
APIs that have been added to Windows with the Vista release. That might have
some impact on you as a developer. In fact, how many new APIs need to be added
before it gets your attention? A few hundred? A thousand? Fifteen hundred?

But if Vista is similar to XP, then there shouldn’t be that many changes,
thus only a few new APIs with some updates to the XP APIs. Right? If the first
statement were true, that Vista is similar to XP, then it lead to the others
would also be true.

Windows Vista is, however, a serious change and is not the same as Windows
XP. Your current applications may not run or they may cause issues that prompt
the user with User Access Control (UAC) dialogs or requests for administrative
passwords. Unlike many prior Windows releases, Vista is not just a fancier
update of the last version. It has real changes. A good indicator of this change
is the number of new APIs. According to Microsoft this have been more than 7000
new native APIs added for Windows developers in Vista.

That is some change.

Until next week…

Bradley L.

Published Books

For those of you keeping up by reading books. The following are just a few of
the new books that have been recently released. If you’ve read any of these,
feel free to write a review to be posted on CodeGuru. See the submission
guidelines at:

–> Professional ASP.NET 2.0 SPECIAL
      By Bill Evjen, et al. for
      1540 pages for $59.99]
Includes a 180 day trial version of Visual Studio 2005 Professional

& Updated Articles on

Following are short descriptions of new articles on CodeGuru. If you are
interested in submitting your own article for inclusion on the site, then
you will find guidelines located at,2rrh,1,fka1,909i,jorm,i5r0

This week’s CodeGuru posts:

===== Articles =====

==> Character processing

– Flex Your Lexical Analysis Muscles
By Victor Volkman
The Flex lexical analyzer generator enables you to
accurately act on and react to incoming character data streams in a way that is
both predictable and debuggable.,2rrh,1,bn2x,1t53,jorm,i5r0

==> Graphics

– Animate an Icon on the Taskbar when the Application Is
    By Kevin Choong
Learn how to loop
through an icon sequence, simulating animation, while your application is

==> RSS

– ASP.NET Tip: Creating an Atom XML
    By Eric Smith
Atom, the replacement for
RSS, is quickly being adopted by many blogging software makers. Learn how to
produce an Atom XML feed using a database table.,2rrh,1,db4s,l1k8,jorm,i5r0

==> Tutorials

– [Updated] Thunking in Win32
Learn about an approach to creating thunks/trampolines to non-static
member functions in 32-bit VC++.,2rrh,1,7qig,iniw,jorm,i5r0

==> WTL

– Windows Template Library: Still Alive and
    By Nick Wienholt
Find out what’s
become of the Windows Template Library (WTL) since Microsoft released it as an
open-source project in 2004. Examine the recent WTL releases and see where WTL
fits in the C++ programmer’s toolkit.,2rrh,1,4b5w,1ege,jorm,i5r0


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Some of the current threads with the most activity are:

==> Message Box

==> GrayScale In Visual Basic

==> Managing pointers with STL map

Articles on

Below are some of the new articles that have been posted to (

1. Writing More Testable Code with Dependency
    By Daniel Gartner – 

Dependency Injection is a simple design pattern that can be used to develop
more flexible, maintainable and testable code. This article details how to use
dependency injection to realize these benefits for your software projects.,2rrh,1,gmif,d9kh,jorm,i5r0

2. Scaffolding with CakePHP – Managing Your Fantasy Football
    By Jason Gilmore –
Just as with
buildings CakePHP Scaffolding is a great way of setting up the early parts of
developing a web application.,2rrh,1,31m7,f2yu,jorm,i5r0

3. More on Custom Ant Tasks
    By Rob
Lybarger –
Sometimes, you just need a little bit more out of Ant. Work
through the steps needed to give Ant some additional capabilities.,2rrh,1,96ku,b7xa,jorm,i5r0

4. Objects and Interfaces
    By Matt
Weisfeld –
Explore the topic of how objects relate to collections by taking
an aside to cover Interfaces. Interfaces are an extremely important concept
within Object-Oriented Programming; however, they are also very tricky to


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