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November 8, 2005

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–> Editorial –

–> Recently Published Books

–> New Articles on
        ==> C#
– A Preview of What’s New in C#
– [Updated] SP Numeric Edit
– Introduction to C++/CLI Generics
– [Updated] Anti-Aliased Image Rotation
        ==> Misc. (Opinion
– Is the Internet Boom Over?
– MFC 8.0 and Windows Forms Integration, Part
– [Updated] WinIPCfg
– An AES Encrypting Registry Class
==> Visual Studio
– What to Know About Visual Studio 2005 . The Products

–> Highlighted new articles on

        1. Object
        2. Everything You
Know About UI Design Is Wrong
High-Availability Clustering in Java Applications

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from the

Visual Studio 2005 officially launched yesterday in San Francisco. Following
a few minutes of music by classic rockers Cheap Trick, Steve Ballmer officially
began the launch of Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, and BizTalk 2006.

VS 2005 and SQL Server 2005 are now officially released product that have
been officially launched. This means that if you are using Visual C++ 6 or
Visual Basic 6, you are now yet another version behind. If you are using Visual
C++ 6, you should be considering an upgrade anyway. The newer versions are much
more compliant with the standards, plus VC++ 6 is no longer a supported

If you haven’t tried working with .NET, then now is the time. If you have,
but haven’t seen 2005, then you may want to take a look at the newest version.
I’ll be writing a few articles about some of the features over the coming weeks.
Many other authors have also written about some of the features. There are
enough features ranging from Master Pages to lots of new designers to testing
tools to Team Foundation Server. There are also

language enhancements ranging from generics to anonymous methods as well as
Framework changes ranging from better XML support to the My class in Visual

More importantly, what makes it a good time to try Visual Studio 2005 is that
Microsoft announced that the express editions will be freely downloadable for a
limited time. That means you can give the products a try without any financial
cost. I recommend you check out the Web Developer Express Edition if you do web
development. If you are a VB 6 or a VC++ 6, then the corresponding Express
Edition would be worth a look. Be aware that the higher editions give you a lot
more functionality and a less “streamlined” IDE. Even so, the Express Edition
will give you a good introduction.

If you aren’t a big Visual Studio fan, then you might want to watch some of
the third party IDEs. IDEs like SharpDevelop are working toadd some of the same

Until next week!

Bradley L.

Published Books

For those of you keeping up by reading books. The following are just a few of
the new books that have been recently released. If you’ve read any of these,
feel free to write a review to be posted on CodeGuru. See the submission
guidelines at:

–> Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Step by

      By John Sharp for Microsoft
      580 pages with CD for

–> Hardening Windows, Second edition
      By Jonathan Hassell for Apress
      210 pages for

& Updated Articles on

Following are short descriptions of new articles on CodeGuru. If you are
interested in submitting your own article for inclusion on the site, then you
will find guidelines located at,20hj,1,fka1,909i,jorm,i5r0

This week’s posted CodeGuru articles:

==> C# 3.0

– A Preview of What’s New in C#
   By Sahil Malik
Get a sneak peek at some of the
major language enhancements Microsoft has in store for C# 3.0.,20hj,1,1w5v,jxy6,jorm,i5r0

==> Controls

– [Updated] SP Numeric Edit Control
Sergei VP
Learn about a masked numeric edit ActiveX control.,20hj,1,82ex,j1im,jorm,i5r0

==> Generics

– Introduction to C++/CLI Generics
   By Marius
Read an introduction to generics implementation in C++/CLI in
comparison with templates.,20hj,1,lguw,cv4e,jorm,i5r0

==> Graphics

– [Updated] Anti-Aliased Image Rotation
   By msg555
Rotate images using geometry.,20hj,1,1pyt,6xj0,jorm,i5r0

==> Misc. (Opinion Piece)

– Is the Internet Boom Over?
   By Paul
Can the average programmer still make money on the Internet after the
dotcom bubble burst? Paul Kimmel believes that history tells us yes.,20hj,1,jsyk,l3dw,jorm,i5r0

==> MFC

– MFC 8.0 and Windows Forms Integration, Part
   By Nick Wienholt
The migration path from MFC to
fully native applications is a slow one because Windows Forms lacks many of the
advanced features of MFC. See how much easier MFC 8.0 makes Windows Forms

==> Networking

– [Updated] WinIPCfg
   By egawtry
A clone
of the Win95/98/ME utility for checking and controlling IP addresses.,20hj,1,8lec,624h,jorm,i5r0

==> System

– An AES Encrypting Registry Class
Jeffrey Walton
The CAESEncRegKey class addresses the occasional problem of
securely saving data to the Registry. This article presents Yet Another Registry
Class that encrypts data using AES.,20hj,1,c04k,71ee,jorm,i5r0

==> Visual Studio 2005

– What to Know About Visual Studio 2005  The
   By Bradley L. Jones
Visual Studio 2005
(“Whidbey”) has released. Get a first look at answers to some up-front questions
you might have. Start by simply understanding the multitude of editions that
entail the Visual Studio 2005 product line. After all, how many different
editions can one product have?,20hj,1,jnxb,2xjs,jorm,i5r0

Articles on

Below are some of the new articles that have been posted to

1. Object Serialization
   By Matt Weisfeld –

Explore the concept of object wrappers, simply another example of the
paramount object-oriented concept pertaining to separating the interface from
the implementation.,20hj,1,7e4o,1vut,jorm,i5r0

2. Everything You Know About UI Design Is
   By Mike Gunderloy –
Microsoft Windows Vista
is shipping next year, and with it the rules of user interface design are
changing in a multitude of ways, large and small. If you don’t want your
applications to look clunky and dated, it’s time to start thinking about the
changes that you’ll need to make to fit into this new world.,20hj,1,3qzn,9g1u,jorm,i5r0

3. High-Availability Clustering in Java
   By Michael Nash –
Examine the ways in
which a complex client-server application can fail, and see what can be done
about them.,20hj,1,ilqf,dp49,jorm,i5r0


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