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Did you hear, Microsoft dropped its proposal to acquire Yahoo! Okay, we don’t care anymore, so I’ll say nothing more.

Did you hear about Live Mesh? Now, that is something that is a little bit more interesting than Yahoo! When you add Live Mesh to Office Live and other things that Microsoft is releasing, you can begin to see the makings of something truly interesting.

With Live Mesh, consider the following. Have you ever sent an email to yourself with an attachment so you’d have it on a different machine? Have you ever been on a different machine and wanted to access a program you had on a different computer at home? Have you ever wanted to share photos and other media or files, but didn’t want to have to choose multiple services such as Flickr?

Live Mesh does all of this and a lot more. Although none of these things are innovating on Microsoft’s part, Microsoft is starting to bring things together and to catch up with some of the innovations other companies have been doing on the Web. Live Mesh is definitely another Microsoft initiative worth watching. (

Of course, among the most interesting news over the past week was the release onto MSN of Madonna’s performance live from Roseland Ballroom in New York. You can see the full concert at Not a Madonna fan? That’s okay, but consider where technology has evolved to today. We now have steaming video at high resolutions. What was virtually impossible just five or six years ago, is now becoming commonplace. Live Mesh from Microsoft might not seem like much today, but if you extend out its potential, it could be interesting in five or six years.

With things like Live Mesh and Madonna concerts, this Internet thing might turn out to be something worthwhile.

Until next week…

Bradley L. Jones
[email protected]

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1060 pages for $54.99

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“Using People, Tools, and Porcesses to Build Successful Software”

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