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December 20, 2005

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– Drag and Drop Listbox Items Without
– Presenting Parent/Child Data in a Data Grid
       ==> Data
– [Updated] Interprocess Communication Using the Running Object Table
– Anti-Aliased Image Transformation
– Notifications and Power Management under Windows Mobile: Benefit from
– Integer Security
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– VB and Voice Recognition

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Connecting to a Database with JDBC
DB2 Universal Database and the .NET Developer? Absolutely! Part 2 – The Schema
Creation Wizards
       3. Getting to Know J2ME

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from the

It is just a few days until Christmas and less than two weeks until the end
of 2005. It is hard to believe that we are half  a decade into the twenty
first century already! Even harder to believe is what has happened during this
first half decade and what will be possible in the next.

As developers, we are seeing serious impacts on what we do and how it is
done. This is in both the hardware technologies advancing, changes to software,
and changes to development tools. In the area of hardware, smaller and cheaper
continue to be the themes.

In the last decade, it has become increasingly possible to buy a high-powered
computer for under $500. In the past, it was not uncommon to spend more than a
thousand, if not more than two thousand, on a computer that would have enough
power to run today’s applications. Although that amount of money can still be
spent, it.s no longer necessary.

Even more interesting is the size factors. In the last five years, notebook
computers and other portables have worked their way into being a more dominant
form factor than the desktop. The price of notebooks has dropped and the power
has also increased. Many people now use notebooks as a primary machine. Over the
next half decade, we should continue to see notebooks overtake desktops as well
as see prices at all-time lows. The concept of a sub-$100 computer has been
bantered around for many years. The possibilities of this are now foreseeable
What makes this foreseeable, however, is the changes in software.

Software and some of its concepts have continued to evolve. In the last half
decade, the concept of Web Services and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) have
come to fruition. More importantly, these concepts are evolving to the next
level, which is Software as-a Service (SaaS). SaaS makes it possible to have the
software you need to do your job from any location in the world as long as you
have a computer with a standard Web browser. SaaS allows you to run software
programs from the Internet rather than from your local machine.

A simple example is e-mail. Many companies offer e-mail as a service. You
don’t need a mail program locally; rather, you can use hotmail, Yahoo, gmail, or
any of a number of other mail services directly online from any machine with a

SaaS goes farther than this, though.

With SasS, you can have programs that range from servers (Sharepoint) to
spreadsheets. You can do word processing (, accounting (, calendaring,
scheduling, and more. All the standard things for which you would buy software
to do on your local machine could be done through a browser using software
provided as a service. You even could use services to store the documents that
you create, thus eliminating the need for any local storage. SaaS is a paradigm
shift for how computers are used. As such, it also impacts how developers should
think about creating applications. In many cases, it may make more sense to
offer a program as a service rather than as a disk that you install locally.

Another shift over the last half decade that is impacting many developers is
a change in development tools. One spin-off of the open source movement has been
Eclipse. The Eclipse project is a platform and an IDE. More importantly, it is
free. Eclipse has been written so that tools and other features can be added
into the main platform. This makes it very extendable and very flexible. Over
the years, it has evolved to become an enterprise-quality tool that many are

It is my belief that the pricing and quality of Eclipse are factors that have
caused changes in the pricing model of Java tools. For example, IBM and Sun both
give away many of their tools now. This includes the enterprise-level tools from
Sun. These changes in pricing are having an impact on the market. It will be
interesting to see what the impact is when the first decade of the 21st Century

Until next week! Happy Holidays!

Bradley L.

Published Books

For those of you keeping up by reading books. The following are just a few of
the new books that have been recently released. If you’ve read any of these,
feel free to write a review to be posted on CodeGuru. See the submission
guidelines at:

–> Using Open Source Web Software with
      By Eric Hunley for Charles
River Media
      340 pages with CD for

& Updated Articles on

Following are short descriptions of new articles on CodeGuru. If you are
interested in submitting your own article for inclusion on the site, then you
will find guidelines located at,242b,1,fka1,909i,jorm,i5r0

This week’s posted CodeGuru articles:

==> Controls

– Drag and Drop Listbox Items Without
    By Ali Rafiee
Rearrange listbox items
using drag and drop without OLE.,242b,1,c5fs,1grc,jorm,i5r0

==> Controls

– Presenting Parent/Child Data in a Data Grid
    By Ezhilan
Learn how to bind a data grid
to a data table with parent and child rows by having the Repeater control.,242b,1,hbun,77xr,jorm,i5r0

==> Data sharing

– [Updated] Interprocess Communication Using the Running Object Table
    By Raghupathy Srinivasan
Discover a
simple technique to share data across multiple processes running on the same
machine using the Running Object Table.,242b,1,jx1z,hjhv,jorm,i5r0

==> Graphics

– Anti-Aliased Image Transformation
    By msg555
Given an image and a
quadralateral, Aaform will fit the image onto the quadraleteral passed using

==> Mobile

– Notifications and Power Management under Windows Mobile:
Benefit from Both
    By Alex
Does your application need to get called at some point in time? Do you
want to inform the user regarding what’s going on? Learn how to use Windows
Mobile Notifications and Power Manager, and benefit from both!,242b,1,kjxx,eqxe,jorm,i5r0

==> Security

– Integer Security
    By Addison-Wesley
Professional Books
Learn how to identify the program errors most likely to
lead to security breaches, how they can be exploited, the potential
consequences, and secure alternatives.,242b,1,lfnt,cbc6,jorm,i5r0

==> Voice Recognition

– VB and Voice Recognition
    By Richard
Adding voice commands to your application is not as difficult as
many may think.,242b,1,75mk,6y3l,jorm,i5r0


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Some of the current threads with the most activity are:

==> Parse out file path from a string,242b,1,9fr8,1o0,jorm,i5r0

==> Question about

==> Help on code

Articles on

Below are some of the new articles that have been posted to

1. Connecting to a Database with JDBC
By Matt Weisfeld –
   Create an application that demonstrates how
to use JDBC to connect to a Microsoft Access database.,242b,1,c48u,1bjo,jorm,i5r0

2. DB2 Universal Database and the .NET Developer? Absolutely! Part 2
– The Schema Creation Wizards
    By Paul C.
Zikopoulos –
   See how easy it is to create database objects for
DB2 UDB databases with the assistance of IBM Explorer and a few wizards.,242b,1,8txs,ff1c,jorm,i5r0

3. Getting to Know J2ME Polish
Robert Virkus –
   Discover how J2ME Polish can help you with the
development of wireless Java applications.,242b,1,marm,io2s,jorm,i5r0


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