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August 8, 2006

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        ==> Data
– Data Binding to Forms Made Simple in .NET
– Programming the Windows Vista Event
– How Speech Recognition Works
– TIP: Solution for Hacking Through the Clipboard
– .NET Tip: Logging Exceptions to the Event
– SMBIOS Demystified
– Whammy Tracing: Hassle-Free .NET Debugging

–> Discussion Groups — HOT
        – Alpha Blending
(VB 6)
        – Strict typedef
declarations (C++)
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Windows WorkFlow Foundation: The Next Step and
        2. Python Tutorial Index
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from the

In last week’s newsletter, I mentioned that Microsoft will be charging $1.50
(US) for people who decide to download the Microsoft Office 2007 beta from this
point forward. In response to that editorial, Andrew asked a great question.

How does one provide feedback? I have been testing
Excel 2007 and have so far found 30 bugs or other issues which I would like to
report to Microsoft…

I think it is safe to say that Microsoft is definitely interested in feedback
on their betas. In most cases, when a beta is made available to the general
public, a mechanism for feedback is also made available. Otherwise, what would
be the point of putting out a beta…(other than seeding the market with your
product, a chance for free marketing, etc.)

If you’ve used Microsoft’s Windows Vista beta, I’d be willing to bet you’ve
seen a few bugs or have a few comments. I’ve installed it on my beta testing
machine as well as onto a TabletPC. It was an experience in both cases, and it
was two very different experiences! Fortunately, both Microsoft Windows Vista
and Office 2007 have processes in place for you to provide feedback, should you
so desire.

To quote a Microsoft public relations person who put it simplify and
succinctly, “Microsoft wants community feedback on its products.”

If you want to give feedback on the Windows Vista beta, you can go to:,2n8l,1,48yw,hzp9,jorm,i5r0

If you want to give feedback on a specific issue or items within the beta,
you can go to the Windows Vista scenario voting pages. These pages let you vote
and comment on specific features:,2n8l,1,kb2c,12ic,jorm,i5r0

If you have a bug you want to report, Microsoft wants you to install the
Microsoft Beta Client and use it. You can find information on downloading and
installing this program at:,2n8l,1,l913,dkw6,jorm,i5r0

There are additional pages set up for sending feedback on the Office 2007
beta as well. You can find instructions for that at:,2n8l,1,dcf9,9wxk,jorm,i5r0

Andrew had found 30 bugs in Excel 2007. I think I’ve seen at least that many
in Vista. I bet with a few minutes of playing with these programs, you could
find quite a few too. The lesson from that…. Don’t install beta software on a
machine you are not willing to wipe clean…

Until next week…

Bradley L.

Published Books

For those of you keeping up by reading books. The following are just a few of
the new books that have been recently released. If you’ve read any of these,
feel free to write a review to be posted on CodeGuru. See the submission
guidelines at

–> Hacking Web
      By Shreeraj Shah for Charles
River Media
      350 pages with CD for

–> Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 and
      By Kauffman and Millington
for WROX
      550 pages for

–> Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Server Controls and Component
      By Dr. Shahram Khosravi
for WROX
      1200 pages for

& Updated Articles on

Following are short descriptions of new articles on CodeGuru. If you are
interested in submitting your own article for inclusion on the site, then you
will find guidelines located at,2n8l,1,fka1,909i,jorm,i5r0

This week’s CodeGuru posts:

===   Articles  

==> Data (Video)

– Data Binding to Forms Made Simple in .NET
   By Wei-Meng Lee (video)
Creating a form that
displays formatted information from a database is a matter of a few easy steps
in .NET 2.0 using Visual Studio 2005.,2n8l,1,ex9s,liax,jorm,i5r0

==> Events

– Programming the Windows Vista Event Log
Nick Wienholt
The Windows Vista Event Log offers a much richer experience
than today’s Event Log functionality. Dive into the code and tools that a C++
developer needs to use the new log.,2n8l,1,bv3r,37qm,jorm,i5r0

==> Multimedia

– How Speech Recognition Works
Learn about the basic functioning of Speech Recognition.,2n8l,1,6sqe,flr0,jorm,i5r0

==> Security

– TIP: Solution for Hacking Through the Clipboard
   By Abdul shakoor Saqib
You can lose private
information from your Clipboard when you browse the Internet. Learn how to
prevent that.,2n8l,1,91ni,fwqp,jorm,i5r0

==> System

– .NET Tip: Logging Exceptions to the Event
   By Eric Smith
The system event log is a good
place to store information about your .NET application, and writing entries to
the event log is fairly straightforward. You can easily add the code for it to a
utility class.,2n8l,1,hwlz,5gqe,jorm,i5r0

==> System

– SMBIOS Demystified
  By kirants
Discover a
basic SMBIOS parser that demonstrates querying for SMBIOS info using WMI and
then parsing the data to extract necessary information.,2n8l,1,4iqx,fd2w,jorm,i5r0

==> Tracing

– Whammy Tracing: Hassle-Free .NET Debugging
By Paul Kimmel
The Whammy debugging tool permits you to use the .NET
Framework to add detailed tracing information to your application in a very
unobtrusive way.,2n8l,1,6ene,ecyl,jorm,i5r0


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Some of the current threads with the most activity are:

==> Alpha Blending (VB

==> Strict typedef declarations

==> The Future Of

Articles on

Below are some of the new articles that have been posted to (

1. Windows WorkFlow Foundation: The Next Step and
    By Gustavo Velez –
The Foundation
consists of a set of tools to enable programmers and users to create workflows;
the working engine and the Object Model that permit developers to interact
programmatically with the system.,2n8l,1,az0p,8i77,jorm,i5r0

2. Python Tutorial Index Page
Richard G. Baldwin –
Want to learn a new programming language and looking
into Open Source for an option? Python may suit your needs.,2n8l,1,m3jx,8txr,jorm,i5r0

3. Objects and Collections: Vectors
Matt Weisfeld –
Add a new array to your coding toolbox, one that can
dynamically grow based on the needs of the application.,2n8l,1,kvma,bgqk,jorm,i5r0


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