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It is hard to believe that April is nearly over. It has been a busy month for me!

This past weekend, I was involved with a local event called Indy Code Camp ( This is an all-day event that the local user group sponsored and ran. It was 24 different sessions on coding topics. A member of the community led each session. Unlike the typical Power Point presentation, in general, each session was more of a deep dive into code with an above-average amount of interaction from the audience. The end result was a great day of learning on a large range of topics for developers.

The Code Camp concept is something growing across the United States and around the world. It is by developers for developers and the events are almost always free. If you do a search for “Code Camp,” you’ll see that there are a lot of them happening. In fact, if there isn’t one happening in your area, you might want to consider creating one. It is a great way to meet others in your area doing development as well as a chance to learn new things.

In addition to the Code Camp, you’ll also notice one other thing I’ve been involved with over the past week. You can see an obvious change in the newsletter. Although a few people prefer straight text, most people are now more interested in seeing a little bit of formatting in the newsletters they receive. As such, we’ve converted the Codeguru eNewsletter into HTML. Is it better? You’ll have to let me know. I’m sure we’ll be trying to tweak it a little over the coming weeks. Because of your feedback, you’ll find that the same content is still here. We didn’t drop anything. Hopefully, the update to HTML is one you will find beneficial.

Until next week…

Bradley L. Jones
[email protected]

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Recently Published Books

For those of you keeping up by reading books. The following are just a few of the new books that have been recently released. If you’ve read any of these, feel free to write a review to be posted on CodeGuru. See the submission guidelines.

Building a Web 2.0 Portal with ASP.NET 3.5
By Omar AL Zabir for O’Reilly
300 pages for $44.99

Wicked Cool PHP
By Steinmetz with Ward for No Starch Presss
200 pages for $29.95 w/ CD
76 Time-saving, problem-solving PHP Scripts. Covers versions 5 and 6 of PHP.

Microsoft Groove 2007 Step by Step
By Jewell, Pierce, and Preppernau for Microsoft Press
288 pages for $24.99 w/ CD

Web 2.0 Heroes: Interviews with 20 Web 2.0 Influencers
By Bradley L. Jones for Wiley
288 pages for $24.99 (Hardbound)
I am the author on this, so I’d be interested in any feedback you might have on the book!

New & Updated Articles on CodeGuru

Following are short descriptions of new articles on CodeGuru. If you are interested in submitting your own article for inclusion on the site, then you will find guidelines here.

Recursion Primer Using C++, Part 1
By Zeeshan
There are many different styles of recursion that can be used in a variety of instances. Learn about the styles and find the one that is best for your current project.

Successful Software Projects 301
By Paul Kimmel
Failure rates for custom software projects are astronomical. A few relatively simple choices in how you spend your time and focus your energies — without all the voodoo of the latest fad process — will make all the difference in the world.

.NET Tip: Returning Mulitple Objects from a Single Method Call
By Jay Miller
Allow a single call to your method to return multiple objects using the ref keyword with parameters.

Tip: Painting the CToolbar’s Parent Window (AfxControlBar)
By paresh_chitte
Learn how to paint the background color (paint entire window) of CToolbarby using the “AfxControBar”.

Creating Cascading Style Sheets in Visual Studio 2008
By Dan Rigsby
Discover the tools in Visual Studio for creating and modifying your cascading style sheets.

[Updated] Polymorphism and Template-Based Designs
By Akshay Saidulu
Learn how to use templates as an alternative design choice for designing polymorphic-based applications in C++.

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Check out the CodeGuru discussion forums
Forums include Visual C++, General C++, Visual Basic, Java, General Technology, C#, ASP.NET, XML, Help Wanted, and much, much, more!


Saving image coordinates in a database (C#)

Names beginning with a single or double underscore (C++)

div elements & its length (Scripting)

New Articles on

Developing Live and Video on Demand Streaming Media Applications
By Marcia Gulesian
Create applications that stream video and audio to an unlimited number of clients across platforms and browsers and to any and all devices, whether they be wire line, wireless, mobile, TV, PC, or other digital devices.

Successful Software Projects 301
By Paul Kimmel
Failure rates for custom software projects are astronomical. A few relatively simple choices in how you spend your time and focus your energieswithout all the voodoo of the latest fad processwill make all the difference in the world.

Using Lists in MIDlets
By Richard G. Baldwin
Learn about the Choice interface and the List class including the use of implicit, exclusive, and multiple Choice types. Your Mobile apps will never be the same!

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