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April 24, 2007

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        ==> “Orcas”
Beta and .NET 3.5
        ==> Windows Home
Server CTP
–> Recently Published Books

–> New
– [Updated] Tree List Control
– Creating Solutions for SharePoint
        ==> Web
– Future-Proofing Your URIs
– Boost ASP.NET Performance with
– Validate Your Refactored SQL Queries with a New SQL Server 2005 Operator

–> Discussion Groups — HOT
        – Why C#
(verus C++/CLI)? (C#)
        – CamelCase
VS Hungarian notation, which is
        – Memory management
questions (C#)

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REXML: Proccessing XML in Ruby
Wicket: The First Steps
Introduction to Alice Programming

from the

As the marketing roar of the Vista and Office release dies down, it is time
to start focusing on other products at Microsoft. Over the past week Microsoft
has made a number of announcements. I’ve highlighted a few of the announcements

==> Silverlight

Silverlight was previously called “WPF/E” or Windows Presentation Foundation
/ Everywhere. I wrote a short announcement about the name change, which can be
found at,34xz,1,62so,5g,jorm,i5r0

Silverlight could be one of the more interesting products to be released in
the near future from Microsoft. I have referred to it as the “Flash killer” as
have others. This is because Silverlight allows you to embed WPF into a web
page. This gives you the ability to create little Flash-like animations, forms,
controls, videos, or other multimedia items that can be embedded as objects into
your web pages. If Microsoft has its way, then the ads written in Flash that you
see on pages will be replaced with ads written in Silverlight.

This, however, not only applies to ads, but also to any other types of
multimedia features you’d want to add to a Web page. Like WPF, Silverlight will
use the XAML markup and your .NET code to make dynamic multimedia features.

==> “Orcas” Beta and .NET 3.5

The next version of Visual Studio has been codenamed “Orcas”. This has been
publicly known for quite some time. This past week Microsoft released the first
public beta of “Orcas”. One of the biggest features talked about in Orcas is
LINQ. LINQ (language Integrated Query) is support for structured and
unstructured data access. This includes additions to the languages as well as
new features to be added into the .NET Framework.

Microsoft describes Orcas as a product that “enables developers and
development teams to be more productive in creating connected, secure and
compelling applications and services on the latest platforms, including Windows
Vista, Windows Server .Longhorn., the 2007 Office System, and the Web.

Microsoft goes on to say that “Visual Studio .Orcas. provides over 200 new
features, including improved language and data features with LINQ and ADO.NET to
help developers be more productive in creating data-driven software, and
improvements for Web development via new ASP.NET WebForms design-surface with
advanced XHTML and CSS features.

Changes in the 3.5 .NET Framework include support for LINQ as well as support
for AJAX, and WCF. There are a number of articles already posted on Codeguru
regarding “Orcas” topics. Searching for LINQ alone will return over a dozen

==> “Rosario”

“Rosario” is the codename for the release of Visual Studio Team System
Edition coming after “Orcas”. I’ll talk more about Rosario in future

==> Windows Home Server CTP

Microsoft also released a new CTP for the Windows Home Server  product
earlier this month. This is an update to the current beta 2 that had previously
been released. A beta SDK is also available from the Microsoft Developer Network
if you interested in building applications for Windows Home Server. If you are
unfamiliar with Home Server, it is a device that is intended to make it easy to
connect machines in a home environment and then to easily share images, video,
music, and other files from the centralized location. You can find out more at,34xz,1,acoy,bpfs,jorm,i5r0

Until next week,

Bradley L.

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Published Books

For those of you keeping up by reading books. The following are just a few of
the new books that have been recently released.  If you’ve read any of
these, feel free to write a review to be  posted on CodeGuru. See the
submission guidelines at:

–> Visio 2007
Bonnie Biafore for Wiley
      800 pages for

–> Doing Objects in Visual Basic
      By Deorah Kurata for
      520 pages for

& Updated Articles on

Following are short descriptions of new articles on CodeGuru. If you are
interested in submitting your own article for inclusion on the site, then you
will find guidelines located at,34xz,1,fka1,909i,jorm,i5r0

This week’s CodeGuru posts:

==> Controls

– [Updated] Tree List Control
   Discover an implementation of a tree view, combined with
a list view, for the Windows API. The view is compatible with the tree control
of the common control.,34xz,1,41o1,g58k,jorm,i5r0

==> SharePoint

– Creating Solutions for SharePoint
     By Gustavo Velez
Solutions is a bona fide option to deploy customizations into SharePoint 2007.
Learn the diverse ways of implementing Solutions, applying the administration
tools of SharePoint, and utilizing the Web interface.,34xz,1,ct2q,eszw,jorm,i5r0

==> Web 2.0

– Future-Proofing Your URIs
Erik Bruchez
Look at how to design your web application URIs to ensure you
give them the maximum lifespan possible from Professional Web 2.0 Programming
co-author Erik Bruchez.,34xz,1,m0c4,cdur,jorm,i5r0

==> DevX

– Boost ASP.NET Performance with Precompilation

     By Joydip Kanjilal
Whidbey’s precompilation feature to minimize the  initial load time of your
ASP.NET web pages, and  avoid having to deploy your source code to the

– Validate Your Refactored SQL Queries with a New SQL
2005 Operator
By Chris Goddard
Prove that your refactored SQL query returns the expected
results  using the EXCEPT operator, new in SQL Server 2005.,34xz,1,1260,4je9,jorm,i5r0


Check out the CodeGuru discussion forums at:,34xz,1,bcr8,cx5j,jorm,i5r0

Forums include Visual C++, General C++, Visual Basic, Java, General
Technology, C#, ASP.NET, XML, Help Wanted, and much, much, more!


Some of the current threads with the most activity are:

==> Why C# (verus C++/CLI)?

==> CamelCase VS Hungarian notation, which is
better? ,34xz,1,h3m0,6tjp,jorm,i5r0

==> Memory management questions

Articles on

Below are some of the new articles that have been posted to (

1. REXML: Proccessing XML in Ruby
Dominic Da Silva –
Take a look at the REXML library and see how you can use
it to process XML within your Ruby or Rails application. REXML makes adding XML
support to your application a breeze, with a quick learning curve.,34xz,1,bjzh,gjq7,jorm,i5r0

2. Wicket: The First Steps
    By Karthik
Gurumurthy –
Learn how to set up Wicket, Eclipse, and the Jetty
Launcher  Plug-in for Wicket-based web development.,34xz,1,egsj,82fb,jorm,i5r0

3. Introduction to Alice Programming
By Richard G. Baldwin –
Baldwin reviews a major 3D interactive graphics Java
program  named Alice that is used to teach beginners how to 


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