CIniEx – Dynamic .INI Class

When creating applications in real world, we need to store simple data to disk.
Of course we can use registry to store anything. And it may be faster then file
I/O processing. But programs using the registry increases the size of the registry.
So after six months later the registry size reaches 30 MB. (You can find a registry
monitor at
the SysInternals Web site to
see registry’s usage period) And registry size has an upper limit.(Such as 35 MB)

CIniEx Class stores ini file in memory . If you change anything in memory it writes into disk on destructor.

CIniEx has several simple methods to read and write ini files.

First one; Open member function to open new or existing ini file.

CIniEx::Open(LPCSTR pFileName,
             BOOL writeWhenChange /*=TRUE*/,
             BOOL createIfNotExist /*=TRUE*/,
             BOOL noCaseSensitive /*=TRUE*/,
             BOOL makeBackup /*=FALSE*/)

pFileName specifies file to open.
writeWhenChange parameter specifies whether to write
the ini data to disk when the data is changed. It’s faster as ini data is stored
in memory. When createIfNotExist=TRUE, then the
ini file is created if it does not exist. noCaseSensitive
option specifies all key matches will not be case sensitive.
And makeBackup parameter specifies whether to
save backup copies of the ini file before saving

Second important member function is SetValue. There are two types.

void CIniEx::SetValue(CString Section,
CString Key,
CString Value)

void CIniEx::SetValue(CString Key,
CString Value)

If you use section names, then use the first function, if not use
second. You can use SetValue like:

CIniEx ini;
CString str;
CString comment;

Third important member function is GetValue. There are two types for this function as well.

CString CIniEx::GetValue(CString Section,
                         CString Key,
                         CString DefaultValue/*=""*/)
CString CIniEx::GetValue(CString Key)

you can use like:

CIniEx ini;
CString value;

Other member functions:

OpenAtExeDirectory Opens ini file in the exe file’s directory
GetKeysInSection Gives all sections in the ini file (CStringArray)
GetSections Gives CStringArray of all sections
GetWriteWhenChange Returns TRUE or FALSE(for write when change)
RemoveKey Removes specified key
RemoveSection Removes specified section
ResetContent Deletes all dynamic member variables
SetBackupFileName Sets backup file name for backup operation
SetWriteWhenChange Sets whether to save file when ini data changes
WriteFile Flushes file to disk immediately


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