A Simple and Smart ODBC Wrapper Library


  • Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0/SP4
  • ODBC 3.0 or above
  • Microsoft Windows 95…XP

    Direct usage of ODBC is very complex. Anybody who tries to work with ODBC can say it. Also, ODBC is a function-level interface. It is a good universal interface, but all structured C++ applications look very horrible when plain ODBC calls are used.

    I want to offer a little library, which:

    • Wraps access to ODBC into a set of classes
    • Wraps processing of ODBC and usage errors into an exception mechanism
    • Doesn’t use any external libraries, including MFC and ATL
    • Doesn’t require any special conditions to use it
    • Automates column binding operations
    • Can automate (for MSSQL server) binding of parameters
    • Can provide transparent work with LOB columns/parameters without limitation of their size
    • Has a Help file, even if this Help file is simple
    • Is freeware, open-source library
    • Supports powerful local-side cursors with indexing and modifying of cursor(insert, update, delete) are supported

    I sought such a library for some years, but I didn’t find a library that conforms to all these conditions. Because I have used ODBC in many projects, some classes were developed some time ago. Now I have refined these classes. And I hope that these classes can help somebody.


    Download source – ~140 Kb

    Contains sources of library and Help files.

    Download demo project – ~70 Kb

    Contains project with a demonstration of the library usage.

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