Windows Mobile 6.5 – “about as useful as a poke in the eye” and several other sites have reported that Windows Mobile 6.5 will be released October 6th. The changes in 6.5 include an improved user interface, better Internet browsing capability and access to the new Windows Marketplace.

Comments that I’ve seen around the internet have not said the improvements were bad; however, they have indicated that they aren’t overly great either. One of the guest comments on WinProNews summed it up the 6.5 release interestingly. To quote:

As a developer on windows mobile this is about as useful as a poke in the eye. New front end to the tired old backend….wow. Nice one Microsoft, you’ll only be a couple of years behind the pack when this comes out. Pull your finger out and get Win Mo 7 released then you will have something to shout about, but until then you’ve got no business trying to hock this off to anyone.

Sounds like at least a few people will be waiting for Windows Mobile 7.0.

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