Which RIA Are You Dying to Use?

In reading my paper copy of the February 2nd issue of eWeek, there was an interesting article on RIA 1.1 where they evaluated various platforms. There was a chart presented in the article, which I’ve recreated below. The chart is based on a question that O’Reilly Media asked of 200 developers regarding what RIA technology they would be next on their list to use.


 As you can see in the chart, Adobe Flex tops the list with a substantial margin. Having messed a bit with Flex, this is not overly surprising. Curl being in second place is not surprising either. Many of you might think that Silverlight should be higher. Right now it isn’t. It would, however, be interesting to see where Silverlight places on a similar chart in about two years. Adobe has their work cut out for them if they want to stay ahead of Microsoft!


If you’ve used Flex, Curl or Google Gears, then comment on how you liked, or disliked, them!


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