Where is Microsoft in their Mobile-First, Cloud-First World?

Microsoft has continued to promote a Mobile-First, Cloud-First game plan. This includes changes that have impacted what they do across the board. Today at the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle, Microsoft mentioned some stats around where they stand with some of their Cloud and mobile initiatives.

Microsoft Windows 10 Monthly Active Users

The core to Microsoft’s world is their core operating system, Windows 10. Windows 10 has reached 500 million monthly active users

Commercial Office 365 Monthly Active Users

Microsoft Office 365 now boasts 100 million monthly commercial users. With Office being a core productivity platform for many enterprise users, Microsoft is providing additional opportunities for developers around Office. This includes an announcement that Microsoft Team, which they talked about at an education conference last week, will be accessible to developers to add extensions to do things such as add notifications, extensions, and actionable messages. Developers will also be able to tap into the data and intelligence within Microsoft using the new Microsoft Graph APIs. Finally, Microsoft is providing a way for production apps on Azure to now be exposed to 100s of millions of active office users for ISVs.

Cortana Monthly Active Users

Cortana 141 million active users. While this is a large number, it includes the people using any type of interaction with Cortana including voice.

Organizations in Azure Active Directory12

Azure Active Directory continues to grow within organizations. This has increased to 12 million organizations that are now using Azure Active Directory.

Fortune 500 Companies using Microsoft Cloud

While Microsoft Cloud might not be the leader, it is worth noting that Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Cloud. The percentage of Fortune 500 companies using Microsoft Cloud is now over 90%.

Cognitive Services for Developers

A big buzz are is Cognitive Services. With the growth of data and intelligence, cognitive services can now add a great deal to what developers can do. Microsoft claimed one of the broadest offerings in cognitive services with 29 different services for developers. These services that developers can tap into include vision, speech, language , search, and more. Some of the new services added are Bing Custom Search, Custom Decision Service, Video Indexer, Presentation Translator, and Custom Vision Service.

Adding It All Together

These number just scratch the surface of what is happening at Microsoft. Look for coverage of some of the other news coming out of Microsoft Build.

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