What’s the goal of Visual Studio 2010?

According to Jason Zander, General Manager of Visual Studio, the answer is “Our goal with both the current and upcoming products is to provide streamlined solutions that increase developer productivity and make developers’ jobs easier.”

Jason Zander
Jason Zander, Microsoft

In Visual Studio 2008, the goal was to allow developers to do more with less, in 2010 Zander says they are continuing to push the product in this same direction. He sites simplified testing, better performance, easier testing, and other features as ways that Microsoft is accomplishing this.

Some other things learned from Zander include the following:

  • There are 14,000 customers for Visual Studio Team System 2008 deploying to over 500,000 clients.
  • LINQ is one of the favorite features by customers.
  • Things have been added to VS 2008 even after the initial release.
  • Client Profile was introduced in SP1. The UI for VS 2010 is redesigned.
  • In VS 2010, WPF was used to make improvements to the toolbars and menus.
  • In VS 2010, there is a new text editor to allow you to do advanced graphics similar to what you can do in Microsoft Word.

Zander had a lot more to say as well. You can find his direct answers in the Microsoft PressPass Q&A.

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