That’s Microsoft – Not Macintosh! Is Microsoft Mimicking an Apple with an App Store?

Microsoft is not an Apple. Regardless, they are trying to play one on the internet. This week Microsoft announced more information on the Microsoft MarketPlace. This is a response – or reaction – to the success of the Apple Store.


So what’s important to know?


If you develop applications for Windows Mobile, you know have an outlet where you might be able to sell your applications. Most importantly, you’ll be able to set the price for your application, you’ll be able to set different prices for different countries, you’ll be able to even give it away. If you put a price on your application, you’ll earn 70% of the revenue.


There is an annual registration fee to submit applications to the MarketPlace. This fee is stated to be $99 for up to five applications. If you are a student, you get around this fee, meaning for students it is free.


Of course, Microsoft is just announcing information on this. The registration process won’t actually open up until this spring. Regardless, if you are building mobile applications, you now have a new distribution channel.


Like the Apple App Store, I’m guessing this could soon be overloaded with lots of pointless applications and clutter. Regardless, It doesn’t take many sells to recoup the $99 fee.


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