“Technology Tops” Crossword: Time for a Break

Do you know the top software company? How about the number one technology company? What’s the most popular programming language? These top technology topics are just a few of the answers needed for this “Tech Tops” crossword puzzle.

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6   What top 10 programming language on the Tiobe community index has climbed the most position in popularity in the last five years? As a clue, you can blame Apple for the growth in popularity. (Answer with just the first word in the name).
8   Number one computer security company with a growth rate of 8% and software revenue of 5.6 billion.
9   Number one gaming company with growth of 113% in 2009.
1   The number one selling phone operating system today (and the past several weeks). 
2   The company with the number one, most used, search engine.
3   Fastest Growing software company in 2009.
4   Number one software company
5   The number one IT company in 2009, 2010 (with revenue of 116 billion in 2009) (The puzzle cut off the second half of this company’s name, so enter just the first half. Of course, this is a clue that the company has a two part name!)
7   The top language on the Tiobe index indicates the most popular language. What language won this popularity contest in August?

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