PowerShell Goes Open Source and Lands on Linux

Are you doing PowerShell? Are you doing it on Linux? If not, you could be!

Last month Microsoft released a video talking about their open sourcing of PowerShell on Linux. In the video, Jeffrey Snover, the inventor of PowerShell, talks about the changes that have happened. The video includes a number of demos of using PowerShell on Linux with Python, REST, and Visual Studio Code, as well as demos doing Native Linux management with PowerShell, AWS management, and VMWare management. You will also see how it can be used to manage Linux and Windows Docker containers.

The video is embedded below so that you don’t have to go anywhere to tap into the demos and the information! You can also find more about the move to Linux and Open Source in eWeek’s article, Microsoft Opens Up PowerShell for Linux and Mac OS

As a note, the eWeek article was sponsored by Microsoft. This site does business with Microsoft. This video is from Channel9.

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