Perceptions of Productivity by Software Developers

I’m constantly getting barraged with information on products, news, and other information related to developers and the development world. This week an interesting infographic crossed my desk from Tasktop on software developers’ perceptions of productivity. This rather simple infographic is based on data from last year; however, I’m guessing that time has not changed the data enough to matter.

For developers, It should not be a surprise that the top productivity activity is coding (71.5%). What surprised me was that coding was also listed as the 4th unproductive activity by 14.2%.

On the flip side, it is no surprise to see that meetings were the top unproductive activity with 57.9% of developers. Good meetings can, however, be productive. This shows up in the top four productivity activities as number two as a result.

Here’s the infographic:


Source: FSE’14, November 16-22, 2014, Hong Kong, China.
Authors: Andre N. Meyer – Thomas Fritz; Gail C. Murphy – University of British Columbia; Thomas Zimmerman – Microsoft Research

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