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Lots of different people have written for Codeguru, Developer.com, and our other sites. It is great to see some of these writers expand their efforts into books and other project.

Chuck Connell has published a book called Beautiful Software, which focuses on what makes good software. Chuck dives into a number of topics within software design, the management of software projects, and the field of software engineering. This is not your standard computer book that is big and bulky, but rather is more like a short novel with chapters on various topics that make for a much more interesting read. In fact, some of the chapters you can find as articles online. Even so, Beautiful Software provides a collection of articles that make for an interesting read. You can find some of Chuck’s articles on developer.com by clicking here.

Rob Bogue has written a number of articles for us as well. While Rob has been involved in several books including The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users, he recently has expanded and released a video called The Psychology of SharePoint Adoption and Engagement.

These are just two projects that some of our writers have recently done. If you get a chance, check them out!

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