My Team Has Launched!

I had a conversation with a product manager on the SharePoint team while at Tech Ed that made me think “no way!” The conversation centered on the number of people and companies that were using SharePoint. The confidential information was a lot higher than I would have speculated. Unfortunately, I can’t share the details of the conversation beyond saying that the SharePoint audience is huge and that a lot of developers are using or interacting with SharePoint.

Publicly, it has been stated that SharePoint could be a billion dollar business for Microsoft this year. It has over 100 million licenses. I also know how busy my friends who are SharePoint experts keep.

Even before that conversation, we were planning a SharePoint site as part of’s offerings. Today we finally launched the site that has been in the works. You’ll find it at

This site is aimed primarily at developers. You’ll see us adding articles on a regular basis. I hope you find the site of value. I’d be interested in hearing your comments and opinions on the site both positive and negative. It is new — literally launched today — so we expect it will evolve as we get feedback. To answer one question — yes, we are still hiring freelance authors for the site!

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