Multi-core Development is One Step Closer to Being Required

In my last blog entry, I mentioned Intel’s futuristic 48-core chip. That is a long-term look that might cause you to believe you still have time to wait before considering multicore issues in your applications. If you are not considering multiple cores today, when developing your applications, then you are falling behind. While tapping the power of multi-core applications isn’t critical in a dual core world, quad-cores are starting to make inroads into the market place and early next year you’ll see the number of six core systems start increasing. Just as the release of quad-core systems pushed dual core to the mainstream. We should be able to expect six core systems to push quad-core mainstream.

Specifically, according to ChannelWeb, Intel leaked a document that indicated that they will be releasing thirteen different processors on March 16th of 2010. This includes seven quad-core processors and six new six core processors. The six core processors will be running between 2.26GHz and 3.33GHz. The seven 32nm, quad-core processors will operate between 2.13GHz and 3.46GHz.

Also on the leaked list were three other processors, of which one was dual core.

Multicore chips are no longer the future. They are here. Are you coding for them?

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