Microsoft Build Conference: Was it worth the wait?

It is too early to state whether the Microsoft Build Conference was worth the wait. The conference keynote starts in about an hour and a half. Expectations are high that there will be industry changing announcements. Just the release of information on Windows 8 should be enough to have an impact, but there is a curiosity to see what else Microsoft has to say.

There has already been releases of rumors on a slate give-away to registered attendees. Samsung released a slate based on the Intel processor that one site has said will be handed out.

Will this be a great event? Will Microsoft hit a homerun with the announcements they are about to make? They will be streaming the keynote from the conference homepage,, so if you don’t want to wait for my comments, then tune in there to see what Microsoft has to say.

Note that we do business with Microsoft. We’ve recently worked with them on the topic of HTML5 in our HTML5 Development Center. It will be interesting to see how today’s announcements tie into that portal and topic!

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