Just for Fun: Gmail Man Video

If you haven’t already seen it, then here it is. Mary Jo Foley blogged about the Gmail video that is now out on YouTube. The video is pushing Microsoft Office 365 at the end, so it is believed it might have come from Microsoft.


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Regardless of the source of the video or its direct comments at Gmail, it again points out an important issue that many people still  don’t seem to fully understand: the issue of privacy on the internet. You should make sure you understand the level of privacy there is with anything you post to the internet. After all, when you use online email, social media, or other services that require you to post or enter information, you are doing just that: posting information on to someone else’s machine.

If I put something on your computer, should you have the rigth to look at it? If I post something to Google’s machines, should they?


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