JavaFX Makes Its Debut

Sun officially enters the Rich Internet Application market with the released JavaFX. covers the releaase at

Time will tell if JavaFX can compete effectively with Microsoft’s Silverlight and Adobe’s Flash/Flex solutions. InternetNews reports that Sun’s target audience for the JavaFX tool is “creators” but that JavaFX’s target market extends to designers. When Microsoft released Blend and Silverlight, I believed that they had a large chasm to cross to get to designers. Getting designers to consider Java, a technology perceived to be more technical, seems to be an even wider gap to cross. But then, Microsoft seems to be making inroads with Silverlight, so maybe there is a chance for JavaFX to make the leap too.

You can find more on JavaFX at You can also get the downloads from that site.

As an interesting side comment – the graphic on the JavaFX home page seems very similar to the type of marketing Microsoft is doing with Windows….


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