Is Java Being Sold?

There are a number of news releases that IBM is starting talks about buying Sun Microsystems. You might remember, this is the company that Microsoft infuse a couple billion of dollars into a while back to help it along. (( okay, that might have been a legal settlement, but still that was billions with a ‘b’)).

It is also a company that controls Java, as well as a number of servers, processors, and other open source systems. In the past few months, Sun has even worked towards extending its offerings in the cloud computing space as well. All-in-all, while Sun seems to be the poor kid over in the corner, they actually have a pretty well-rounded offering in the tech space.

Want to know what Sun does and what IBM could get out of buying it? Take a look at Channel Register’s article on the deal at 

You’ll find a lot of other interesting articles around the web as well. I believe we will be hearing more about this including coverage on

Of course as developers, we should wonder what IBM would do with Java. I believe they could actually give it a boost.


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