Five Android Slates Available Today

The iPad gets nearly all of the attention when you bring up the topic of slates. If you’ve used an iPad, then you know that it really does deserve a lot of the hype. While its price is a bit steep, its nearly 10″ screen and its huge array of apps make it great to use. I bought one for my wife. When she is not using it, my kids want to use it.

In addition to the iPad, there are lots of companies announcing similar slates coming soon to the market. This includes Microsoft recently announcing that a number of different Windows 7 slates are coming, Cisco announcing their CIUS slate, Dell, HP, ASUS, and so many others.

What is interesting is that many people don’t realize that there are a lot of slates already on the market other than the iPad. In fact, you can buy 7″ Android slates today for less than a third the cost of an iPad. To be clear, these are real slate devices running an operating system such as Android or Windows CE 6.5. These are not eBook readers with limited functionality.

Here are five slates that are listed as among the bestselling slates on Amazon:

Archos 7 Home Tablet.

Price: $199.99
This is a device running Android. With its 7″ 800×480 resolution screen and 8GB of storage, it is available for $199. There are also 9″ versions ($549.99) and 5″ versions as well.

Sony dash Personal Internet Viewer

Price $199.99
This is a 7″ media player that includes support for touch and gestures on its 800×480 screen.

Android Tablet Touch Pc mid

Price: 199.00
This 7.2″ tablet runs Android and comes with a 2 GB hard drive and 32 GB of storage.

Google Android Touchpad Tablet PC

Price: $123.10
Pegged as an ebook reader and a slate, this device also includes a 7″ screen, an accelerometer and more.


Price: $235.28
This 8″ Android tablet includes an 800×480 scree and sports 2 GB of memory with TF card support for up to 16GB.

This is a list of five of the tablets available today. I actually have purchased a Wits MID A81 slate, which is also a 7″ Android slate that can be purchased for around $199.99. My next post will be a review of what you can get from WITS for right around $200.It isn’t an iPad, but then it is also a lot cheaper.

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