“Developers Will Become the Most in-Demand Employees”

I get a number of press releases and general pieces of news. The release from Perforce that I recently received, however, caught my attention when I read the statement, “developers will become the most in-demand employees.” If you are a developer or work with developers, then how can you not pause for a second after reading a statement like that?

Perforce’s press release focused on announcing several predictions for software development in 2014. The statement about developers was just one of them. Others included:

  • Continuous delivery will be adopted by more companies. This could become a more preferred method of software development and release.
  • Companies are more likely to use in-country public clouds, but the biggest growth will be in private clouds.
  • Developers will be seen as a key competitive differentiators within organizations.

Do you think developers are the key competitive differentiators within organizations? What do you think? Here is the actual press release (I highlighted the statements about developers):

ALAMEDA, Calif. (Dec. 4, 2013) – Perforce Software today released its predictions for software development and deployment in 2014. The overarching theme of the predictions is the rise of Continuous Delivery – a design practice used to automate and speed up the process of software delivery – and the impact it will have beyond the technology industry.

“Software is no longer something only technology companies produce. Leaders in retail, household goods, aviation, healthcare, education and financial services are all relying on software to keep their organizations at the forefront of innovation,” said Christopher Seiwald, founder and CEO of Perforce. “This has a profound impact on the people working for these organizations as well as industry standards in place today.”

Perforce¹s predictions for the coming year include:

Continuous Delivery will become the new normal: Companies relying on software to stay in business won¹t risk a potential disaster by relying on big, annual releases only to find the requirements or the market has changed. Through the adoption of Continuous Delivery, software release cycles will become more frequent and problems will be spotted before they reach critical mass. With the practice gaining more traction, industry thought leaders will come to a consensus on specifically what Continuous Delivery entails and what it does not.

The coming of age of the private cloud: Global concerns stemming from the discovery of the PRISM online surveillance program will spur rapid adoption of private clouds around the world. New, in-country service providers will create solutions with enterprise-grade security built in from the ground-up.

King once and king to be: With software playing such a key role in organizations of all kinds, developers will become the most in-demand employees, and will drive rapid innovation through Continuous Delivery. As software delivery pipelines shrink to reduce the lag between concept and delivery, developers will assume more responsibility for quality, performance and operational monitoring.

“With adequate planning and preparation, forward-thinking organizations can begin the process of implementing Continuous Delivery ahead of their competitors to obtain or maintain industry leadership,” Seiwald said. “We believe there are tremendous opportunities for companies to improve the quality of their products and their responsiveness to the market. We¹re excited to partner with the early adopters that the rest of the software industry will soon follow.”

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About Perforce Software

Perforce Software is trusted by industry-leading companies like Salesforce.com, SAP and the New York Stock Exchange to manage their most valuable IP. Perforce products help teams work in concert on important digital assets including software code, documents, multimedia, spreadsheets, images and more. They are unique in their ability to handle large and distributed collections of content, enabling higher productivity, lower costs, improved security and compliance. With the addition of its document collaboration tool, Commons, Perforce is now making it easy for everyone to take advantage of its powerful versioning capabilities. The company is headquartered in Alameda, California, with international operations in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. For more information, visit http://www.perforce.com.

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