Cost Versus Speed

I receive a large number of press releases about events happening in the industry. This week I was sent an initial result from last Fall’s Gartner’s Application Architecture, Development, & Integration Summit. At this summit, Serena Software polled hundreds of attendees to get a sense of the top priorities.

What is interesting is this year’s result for a key question changed from what has been seen the past few years. Instead of reducing costs being the number one answer, it slid to number two. If you are a developer, the new number one items should be no surprise. It is to deliver applications faster.

So there you have it, speed is now more important than cost. As you feel your boss pounding on you to get more done quicker, now you know that things this year might be a little different because you might not also get as much pressure to do it cheaper as well. At least that’s what the survey implies!

Which is more important in your shop, speed or costs?

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