ColdFusion Keeps On Ticking – Version 9 Now Available

In the 90s, ColdFusion was all the rage. Good products never die; they just go into maintenance mode!

In truth a lot of ColdFusion is still in use today. In fact, one of our sites, DevX, is written in ColdFusion. As a product, it continues to deliver new features and new editions. Today’s new edition was announced is Adob e ColdFusion 9. It was announced along with Adobe ColdFusion Builder Beta 2 and a private beta of ColdFusion 9 in the Cloud that runs on Amazon Web Services.

Adobe made the following comment on ColdFusion 9 in their press release:

ColdFusion 9 accelerates the development cycle by reducing complex and powerful business logic into a few lines of code. ColdFusion 9 applications easily access data from existing enterprise infrastructure including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office files and Java J2EE portlet standards. New ColdFusion 9 features include an Adobe® AIR® application for managing multiple ColdFusion servers from one location, saving performance time and reducing redundant tasks. ColdFusion 9 also offers local and remote database synchronization with Adobe AIR, giving users access to applications regardless of Internet connectivity. Also, deep integration with Hibernate’s object relational mapping (ORM) provides developers with database independent applications.

You can find more information on the Adobe ColdFusion releases at

So are you using ColdFusion? If so, are you doing maintenance or new development?

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