A Microsoft Issue: Awareness versus Perception

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At QuinStreet, the company that owns Codeguru and the other Developer.com network sites as well as sites like eWeek, we do a number of surveys and we run a number of communities. Today I looked at a newer briefing we published on security The 2015 Security Outlook: Meeting Today’s Evolving Cyber Threats. This is an interesting survey aimed more at IT Pros than developers, but it still has some interesting stats and insights. There was, however, one chart that jumped out at me:

Security ranks

This chart shows the leaders in awareness in with Microsoft being in a top position (second only to Symantec. However, when people were asked which vendors offer the most comprehensive solution, Microsoft dropped dramatically to the 5th slot to half of what the leader ranked.

This chart jumped out at me because Microsoft’s position seemed similar to what I had seen with a question on one of the surveys we did on our developer sites where we asked about awareness of Cloud solutions:

cloud awareness

Here again, Microsoft was second, this time to Amazon, when it came to companies that people were aware of. When it came to usage, however, VMWare took the top spot and Microsoft fell to third.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft works to use the awareness to help them in both the Cloud and security marketplaces as time goes on.

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