300,000 Downloads of Windows Phone 7 Tools

It has been just over 6 months since Microsoft officially announced Windows Phone 7. According to Microsoft, in that short time, there have been over 300,000 downloads of the tools for Windows Phone development. A lot of developers are jumping at the chance to develop applications for the new platform.

For WP7, developers will want their applications in the Windows Phone Marketplace. While the Marketplace is expected to open in early October, a final release of the tools is needed to make sure phone applications are ready to release.

Luckily, the final release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools is expected to release September 16th. This final release is expected to have changes from the Beta, so if you created an application already, you’ll need to recompile it with the newest tools when they release.

If you are interested in checking out WP7 development, the first step is to download the Windows Phone 7 Beta Tools


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