Translate Window Style to strings

In many cases, the programmer needs to understand what a value means.
It’s about window styles. For him 0x500000C2 means nothing as window
styles. Of course, Spy++ solve this problem, but you must lookup for a
window with that styles. It’s easy, to drag a cursor over the window,
and then windows style can be founded from one of the properties pages.
Spy++ do not recognize the latest styles of some windows. For sample let
take a header control with styles set to 0x500000C2. Spy++ will give you
the styles WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | HDS_HORZ | HDS_BUTTONS | 0xC0. It’s
right. What 0xC0 represent. The 0xC0 style’s sysheader32 control
represent HDS_DRAGDROP | HDS_FULLDRAG. So, I designed a short class for
translate style, extended styles, and class styles to strings. Let’s see
a short snippet code for using this class:

CTranslateWindowStyle tws;		// declare a tws member for translation styles

tws.SetStyle(pWnd);			// prepare a styles of window pWnd for translate
CString sStyles = tws.Translate();	// In sStyle will be retrieve the string as window style.

CString sExStyles = tws.Translate();	// in sExStyles, will have the extended window style.

CString sClassStyles = tws.Translate();	// in sClassStyles, will have the class window style.

Translate(), public function of CTranslateWindowStyle class, will
translate the latest styles set (by calling one of the following
functions: SetStyle, SetExStyle, SetClassStyle.) as normal, extended,
class window style.

If you have a new window control, you can add your own style. Just see
into the header file of CTranslateWindowStyle class.

Download demo project – 46KB

Download source – 5KB

Date Posted: 09/29/98

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