Spellcheck Macro for Visual Studio

Environment: Visual C++ 6

Have you ever wanted to quickly check to see if one word is spelled right while coding
with Visual Studio? Of course you have! This macro let’s you put the cursor on the word (or
highlight the part you want to check) and tells you if it’s correct or wrong. If wrong, it
will give you a list of suggestions of the correct spelling. COM is great!

You can click on any word, or highlight the word/exact part you wish to spellcheck.

NOTE: You must have Microsoft Word 97 or 2000 installed for this macro to work.

For those that need it, installation instructions:

In Visual Studio, click tools->macro, enter the name “Spellcheck” and click Edit. Cut and past the
macro from below in over the default one.

To choose the hotkey that runs it, click the Options button, then keystrokes. You can
assign any key combination you wish.

Sub Spellcheck()

Dim txtCredit
Set MSWord = CreateObject( “Word.Application”)
Dim colSuggestions
Dim suggestion
Dim txtFinal ‘to hold the final results
txtCredit = “Visual Studio Spell Checker by Seth A. Robinson”
‘Converted from an example from “Programming Visual Basic”
‘MSWord.visible = true ‘uncomment this to see what’s really
‘happpening behind the scenes

‘ Add a document if there aren’t any (needed to get
‘ suggestions).
If MSWord.Documents.Count = 0 Then MSWord.Documents.Add

If ActiveDocument.Selection.Text = “” Then
‘They didn’t choose anything, so let’s grab the word they
‘set the cursor on
ActiveDocument.Selection.WordLeft dsExtend
End If

Dim txt_temp
txt_temp = ActiveDocument.Selection.Text
If MSWord.CheckSpelling(txt_temp) Then
‘ The word is correct.
MsgBox “It appears “””&txt_temp&””” is spelled correctly.”,_
‘Word is wrong, let’s get some suggestions of right ones.
Set colSuggestions = MSWord.GetSpellingSuggestions(txt_temp)
txtFinal = “It appears “””&txt_temp&””” is spelled wrong. ” +_
” Here are some possible replacements:”&vbLf&vbLf
If colSuggestions.Count = 0 Then
MsgBox txtFinal&”(no suggestions)”,vbCritical, txtCredit
For Each suggestion In colSuggestions
txtFinal = txtFinal&suggestion.name&vbLf

‘show suggestions to user
MsgBox txtFinal,vbCritical, txtCredit
End If

End If

‘Kill document, don’t leave it floating in memory
MSWord.ActiveWindow.Close wdDoNotSaveChanges

End Sub

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