QuickBookmarks – Easy way to navigate in your code

It is a hard work to switch among several functions all day long. That is why I wrote
several functions to ease this common task.

You can define up to 10 hotkeys, each bound to specific place  in
your code. These bookmarks can be saved and reloaded in
any time.
I am using unnamed bookmarks, so they stay valid after insertion
or removal of previous lines.


  • Select meaningful text and press hotkey to set
  • Make sure that there is no selected text in the line and press the
    hotkey to go to the bookmark
  • Use  ‘Alt+Num1‘, ‘Alt+Num2‘,… hotkeys for  bookmarks, ‘Alt+Num-
    –  to clear current bookmark, and   ‘Alt+Num/‘ for list of 
    bookmarks, if you do not have better idea
  • Do not set unnamed bookmarks by using standard SetBookmark function
  • Do not remove text with bookmark, redifine this bookmark at first
  • Do not forget to save you bookmarks, they are saved only after you
    press ‘Yes’ in the list of bookmark dialog
  • Call list of bookmarks if you forget the number

Look at http://members.tripod.com/~DanKozub
to see screenshots.
Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

v 1.1:  A function to display list of all bookmarks was added. Assign ‘Alt+Num/
hotkey to ShowQuickBookmarks()
v 1.2:  It is now possible to simply clear bookmark instead of resetting it. Assign ‘Alt+
‘ hotkey to ClearCurrentBookmark()

Download source – 2 KB

Date Last Updated: March 23, 1999

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