Program Terminator

The Terminator is a small program where you can specify a list of modules
(either by path – or by name) that you want to terminate – no matter what…

Sometimes during development of large program systems – especially now in these
COM/DCOM days – you need a simple way of shutting down all your running
servers or program in order to start all over again. Going to task-list and
terminating the processes there is sometimes inconvenient if not impossible at all.

This is where Terminator comes in the game…

You specify a list of modules you want to terminate with the Terminator
User Interface. You can even save this list in a file (extension *.rip) !

Now, to kill all these specified modules either open your *.rip file in Terminator
(or just double-click the file) and execute the termination. Alternatively you can
call Terminator with a short-cut or via command-line: Terminator.exe /Automation <YourFile>.rip

As Terminator.exe needs microsofts PSAPI.DLL you need to make sure the dll
is somewhere along your path (best is to put it in system32 right away). To build
Terminator.exe you need to link to PSAPI.LIB; there is also a PSAPI.H header.
So make sure .lib and .h are visible to your compiler/linker.

Enjoy beeing a Terminator!

Download source – 84KB

Date Posted: 07/05/98

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