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I have needed many times to open the file dialog at the current file’s path so that I can select other files
related to current file. For example, we will often be doing ‘Find in Files’ in MSDEV’s Samples Directories
or MFC Source Directories. Once some of those files are opened, we would also like to open the
related H files or other View files etc. To do that, mostly we open the directory and files explicitly by
file dialog. And we can face similar scenario in many other cases.

Instead of opening explicitly, the following simple macro helps to change the DevStudio’s current
directory to the active file’s path and opens the file dialog. Maybe somebody has done this sort of
thing before but I thought I could share this with others here.

Sub OpenAtActiveFilePath()
‘DESCRIPTION: Sets the application’s working directory to the active file’s directory

Dim PathString
PathString = ActiveDocument.Path
PrintToOutputWindow “Before: ” + Application.CurrentDirectory
Application.CurrentDirectory = PathString
ExecuteCommand “FileOpen”
PrintToOutputWindow “After: ” + Application.CurrentDirectory
End Sub

Date Last Updated: February 3, 1999

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