Open CodeTmpl.txt command for CodeTmpl Add-In


Recently I’ve downloaded the CodeTmpl Add-In
contributed by Darren Richards. In
my opinion it is very useful utility, very simple in customizing and encourages good
coding habits. Personally i am using it exhaustively.

However sometimes I’ve found it frustrating to find and edit the CodeTmpl.txt file.
Here are the steps you have to perform to make a change to it:

  1. Find a MSDEVSharedIde folder.
  2. Open a CodeTmpl.txt file in a text editor or in Visual Studio. If you are opening it in
    Visual Studio do the : Right-click > Properties > Language > C++.
  3. Do your editing , and save it.
  4. Go back to Visual Studio if were out of there.
  5. Hold "Control" key to reload the CodeTmpl.Txt and click the toolbar

The five steps above to have to do in the initial "setup" and every time
you’ve discovered a mistype, want to make change or add a new peace of code to the
template file.

The solution is just one step away. In the same manner as the reloading of CodeTmpl.txt
done (remember when you hold "Control" key), when your press "Control"
key and press toolbar button the new option in menu will appear "Open
. By choosing this option you will cause the add-in do all five
steps for you.

That way making changes to CodeTmpl.txt is now simpler and fun :).

For those who cares

The change in code was made in CTAddin::CTInsCodeTmpl() located in CTAddIn.cpp.


Hope it will help to the guys using this great utility.


Download CodeTmplEx.DLL – 124 KB

Download source – 19 KB

Date Last Updated: February 3, 1999

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