Multiple Platforms in VC++ 5.0 Professional


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By default, Visual C++ 5.0 Professional (I don’t know about other versions)
only displays “Win32” as the possible target platform. If you need to port
projects to (for example) an NT Alpha machine, you either have to recreate
your dsp files or edit them, and know exactly what to change. Take it from
me, neither is a very interesting or pleasant job to do on a large project.
An easier way, however, is to set the following in the registry (.reg file
included as attachment):

[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftDevStudio5.0Build System]
“Full Platforms”=dword:00000001

Now, when creating a new project, the list of platforms is Win32, Win32
(ALPHA) and Win32 (PowerPC) The project will be created with configurations
for all platforms selected. If you wish to create configurations for already
existing projects, load the project into Visual Studio, and select
Configurations (default is under the Build menu) select the project you wish
to create a new configuration for and select “Add…”. Change the
configuration name (Debug and Release are the defaults – don’t worry if you
already have a Debug and Release configuration, the name will be changed to
include the platform) and select the configuration you wish to copy (if you
want to create an Debug Alpha configuration, leave the name as Debug and
select the Win32 Debug configuration from the drop down list) Now select the
platform. When you click OK, you will get a new configuration with the name
altered to list the new platform (eg “Win32 (ALPHA) Debug”)

Note that this only allows you to create configurations for other platforms.
It doesn’t allow cross-platform compiling.

Last updated: 11 April 1998

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