Dev Studio BookMark Saver Add-In


When navigating code using the browse facility, the add-in
would remove the highlighted piece of code, regardless of whether
there was a bookmark set for that file or not. (Thanks to Matthew
for the suggestion)

Functionality of opening a file from the advanced page has
been re-introduced once again. I did not seem to find anything
wrong after endless hours of painful debugging. F3 key should now
work again.

Update: (14th
June 1999)

Bug fixes:

Fixed a real nasty bug, that had been around from day 1 (sorry
people). A lot of people experienced this bug and now it’s
finally fixed. The bug was that, after opening a file from the
advanced tab and then trying to shut down DevStudio (V5 or V6),
DevStudio wouldn’t shut down properly.

Thanks to Jeff Rockwell for bugging me from day 1 to track it
down and Itay Szekely who recently brought it to my attention.

Again, I am really sorry this has been around for so long and
only just fixed, but I RARELY spend time on this add-in.

Known Issues:

There is one problem (actually it’s a minor annoyance). Every
time, the user hits save, the editor will scroll. The cursor will
remain at the same place but the text scrolls (which can
sometimes dis-orient users). There doesn’t seem to be any good
way of achieving this. 🙁


This add-in has been tested under Windows 95/NT and works for
VC5. It has also been tested under Windows 95/NT running VC6 and
it seems to be running. If however you have a problem please let
me know.


Download the
latest version of the bookmark add-in. (V2.1)

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how to
improve this please let me know. [email protected]


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