ClassWizard VirtualFilter Options

I came across a problem with the VC++ ClassWizard a while ago. If you have
a class derived from a standard MFC class, ClassWizard will offer to insert
handlers for virtual function overrides. For example, for a class derived
from CPropertyPage, you can add handlers for OnWizardNext, OnWizardFinish
and so on. However, if you derive again, e.g.


Then ClassWizard will show virtual functions for CWizardPage but not for

I discovered that this can be fixed by editing the ClassWizard *.CLW file
and adding the ‘VirtualFilter’ option to the appropriate section. For


The right hand side of VirtualFilter is a list of case-sensitive letters
specifying which sets of virtual functions will be listed by ClassWizard.
So, in the above example, ClassWizard will list virtual functions from
CPropertyPage, CDialog, CWnd and CCmdTarget.

Here’s the full list:

a CDatabase
b CListBox
c CComboBox
d CDialog
e -
f CFrameWnd
g COleMessageFilter
h CDialog
i CPropertyPage
j -
k CHttpServer
l COleClientItem
m -
n CHttpFilter
o OLE stuff
p CSplitterWnd
q CAsyncSocket
r CRecordSet
s COleDropSource
t COleDopTarget
u COleMessageFilter
v COleServerDoc
w COleControl
x CRecordset
y CAsyncMonikerFile
z -

A CWinApp
B Button? (DrawItem)
C CObject/CCmdTarget
D CDocument
E CEditView
F -
G -
H -
I CDocItem
J -
K -
L COleLinkingDoc
M CMDIFrameWnd
N -
O COleDocument
P COleIPFrameWnd
Q -
R CRecordView
S -
T CWinThread
U -
V CView
W CWnd
X -
Y -
Z -

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