C++ Operators Macro

This simple macro will complete C++ operators for you.
If you, for example, are going to type the “for” operator, just type
“f” or “fo” or “for”, hit the shortcut key for this macro and you will have:

for( )

} // for

The same macro works for “if”, “switch”, “while” and “do … while”.
Of course, style always the same, and, may be, not your :), but it’s easy
to edit macro to match your favorite style.

This macro was written and tested under Visual Studio v6.0. To install
it you just need to add it text to your current macro file. There are a lot of
ways to do it. If you open menu \ToolsMacro DevStudio will show you a name
of a current macro file, that you can edit using any editor, or you can just
push button “Edit” :).

Hope, you’ll enjoy it macro. If you find any bugs or just
a way to improve it (I have 1 day experience with VBS language :)),
please, let me know.


Download source – 2 Kb

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