An Automatic Build Incrementer for VC6

Environment: Visual C++ 6.0

Visual Basic programmers have long had the ability to
automatically increment the build number each time the program was compiled. Visual
C++ programmers haven’t.

Several weeks ago, I started trying to find a way to do automatically increment
build numbers on each compile. I found several articles on the subject and some
source code but none of it did exactly what I wanted it to do, so I decided to write
my own incrementer.

Add the code to an existing macro
file or, if you don’t have an existing macro file, create one and add one dummy
macro so you can access the code snippet. Application_BeforeBuildStart() is a
Visual Studio defined event handler and although the code is in a macro file,
when you select the Tools|Macro menu item, you won’t see it, so you need at
least a dummy macro in the file to access the source code.

Note that these code snippets have been subjected to limited testing and
that you use them at your own risk. They work correctly in the test environment,
but you assume all risk for their use. I will not assume any
liability whatsoever for their failure to work correctly in your environment.

Please e-mail any comments, suggestions for improvement, problems, etc. to me.

Sub Application_BeforeBuildStart()
‘ written 7/11/00 by CCB Consulting
‘ e-mail any comments, corrections, etc. to [email protected]
‘ updated versions will be at on the Code Snippets page
‘ invoked automatically before build starts
‘ will open the project’s *.rc file as text
‘ will search for the version info
‘ and will increment the build number

dim oDoc
dim sBuild
dim sRCFile
dim sOne
dim sTwo
dim iSelect
dim lLineNbr
dim bFound

‘get the name of the active project’s .rc file
sRCFile = application.activeproject & “.rc”

‘open *.rc file as text
set oDoc = Documents.Open(sRCFile, “Text”)

‘position to the correct section of the file
oDoc.Selection.FindText ” FILEVERSION”, dsMatchCase
‘save the line number for the next search
lLineNbr = oDoc.Selection.CurrentLine

‘use a regular expression search string for the first version search
sOne = “[0-9]+,[0-9]+,[0-9]+,”

‘find the first string
oDoc.Selection.FindText sOne, dsMatchRegExp

if oDoc.Selection.CurrentLine = lLineNbr then
‘convert the regular expression to an absolute search string
sOne = oDoc.Selection

‘build an absolute search string for the strings with embedded spaces
sTwo = Replace(sOne, “,”, “, “)

‘move to the build number

‘select the build number
oDoc.Selection.WordRight dsExtend

‘increment the build number
sBuild = oDoc.Selection + 1

‘replace the old build number with the new one
oDoc.Selection = sBuild

else ‘something went wrong
msgbox “Version number 1 not found. Closing without changes.”

oDoc.Close dsSaveChangesNo

set oDoc = nothing

exit sub
end if

‘now change the other 3 occurences of the build number
for iSelect = 2 to 4
if iSelect = 2 then
bFound = oDoc.Selection.FindText(sOne)
bFound = oDoc.Selection.FindText(sTwo)
end if

oDoc.Selection.WordRight dsExtend
oDoc.Selection = sBuild

if bFound = False then
msgbox “Version number ” & iSelect & ” not found. Closing without changes.”
oDoc.Close dsSaveChangesNo
set oDoc = nothing
exit sub
end if

‘close and save *.rc
oDoc.Close dsSaveChangesYes

set oDoc = nothing
End Sub


Download source – 2 Kb

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