Active Comments Add-In

Active Comment is an add-in to Microsoft Developer Studio. It has been tested
with Version VC++ 6 and Service Pack 3.

This addin provides active comments using your source code. You can reference
your code with external files, e-mail addresses, set links to internet sites,
MSDN articles, or you can insert voice commentary to your source, etc.

This version of Active Commentary is the first implementation. If you found
any errors or bugs I would be very greatful to recieve feedback.
Your suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Disclaimer: This software is provided as-is and with no implied warranty
of any kind. Please don’t place any blame on me if it does something untoward
to your system.


  1. Copy ActiveComments.dll to the add-ins folder of Developer Studio: C:\Program
    Files\DevStudio\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98\AddIns

  2. In Developer Studio, go to the “Tools” menu and select “Customize…”.
  3. Go to the “Add-ins and Macro Files” tab (the last one). Select the checkbox
    “Active Comments”, and click “Close”.

  4. Developer Studio adds a new toolbar with the Active Comments buttons:

1   2   3   4   5    6  
7   8   9   10   11

Comment Setup
use for create new or modify exists active
View Commentary will executed linked to selected commentary
List of all Active Comments
will displayed list of all active comments
in the current project
Active comment clear
delete selected active comment, but leave title
in a text
Delete Active Comment
full delete selected active comment (and title
from a text also will be deleted)
Change case to upper
Change case of selected text to upper
Change case to lower
Change case of selected text to lower
Capitalize this string
Capitalize selected text
Convert space to tab
Convert space at the begin and end of selected
text to tab
Code Templates
insert code template, which selected
from the list
About Active Comment AddIn

To deactivate Active Comments, perform steps 2-3, but remove the selection
from the Active Comments checkbox.

To completely uninstall Active Comments:

  1. Exit Developer Studio.
  2. Delete Active Comments.dll from your Developer Studio add-ins folder.


  1. Move the cursor to the row where you want to insert an active comment or
    select the text which you want to make an active comment.
  2. Click the button "Comment Setup" and in the following dialog enter
    the comment title (it will be displayed in the source). Point a reference
    to file (or MSDN article, web page, e-mail, etc.). If you want to make a voice
    comment, click on the button
    "Show Record Controls", make a record and save it (name of wave
    file will be generated automatically). Click OK.
  3. Active comment will be displayed. For example: // [[->Link to the

If you want to manage all of active comments in the project, choose the command
“View All Comments”. And in the following dialog you can edit, delete and execute
active comments.

Limitation: in one line it is possible to have only one active commentary.


Special thanks to Nikolay Egipco.


Download Visual Studio Add-In – 49 Kb
Download source code – 56 Kb

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