Advanced Graphics / Astrology Example VB5/6

This code demonstrates many different graphical techniques and wraps them up in an Astrology program.

  • All arrowed buttons remain active until the mouse is released. So you can click them once or continuously.
  • There is a popu menu avialable, accessable with the right mouse button in the radix zone.
  • When you enter the date manually, you comfirm it tapping the Enter-key.
  • Names of the used symbols you’ll find moving the mouse over the positions list. For each row some information will pop up.
  • When you move the local position (the earth’s viewpoint), then you should adjust the Time Zone accordingly (manually in textbox between latidute & longitude).
  • Summer Time correction is disgarded by the program. If you want to check a horoscoop of birth, you should take account of this by adding or substracting the proper amount of hours.
  • The houses here are calculated according to the system of Koch (you can turn the houses on & off by (un)checking the menu item ‘Houses’).
  • The Ascendant is the point on the horizon in the East, projected on the zodiak. Medium Coeli is the place where the sun will be at its highest point that particular day.
  • You’re provided with the choise to fix either the zodiac or the Ascendant (you can set your choise by (un)checking the menu item ‘Fixed Zodiak’). When the Ascendant is fixed, the line between Ascendant – Descendant stays horizontal, with the Ascendant on the left side. When the sun is above this line, it’s day-time, otherwise its night-time. The checked ‘Fixed Zodiak’ modus state, is most useful when you go through time by month or year, so you can see the slow planets moving ritme.
  • The used colors for aspect-lines are:
    • conjunction (00) – black (doesn’t show in drawings)
    • sextile (600) – blue
    • square (900) – red
    • triangle (1200) – green
    • inconjunct (1500) – yellow
    • opposition (1800) – purple
  • If you want to see a really fluid flicker-free motion, you should set your screen-modus to 256 colors, if necesarry.

Download Zipped Project Files (66k)

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