A Splitter WIndow Control For VB

Environment VB6

This is a simple User-Control for easily creating a "splitter-window-like" outfit with any two controls on your VB-form.


Steps to generate this:

  1. Place the ctlSplitterEx on your form an size it.
  2. Place two other control on your form which you want to be splitted. The size & position on these controls doesn’t matter. They will be resized and placed at runtime so they will hide the cltSplitterEx at runtime nearly completely.
  3. Attach the two controls to the ctlSplitterEx by invoking ctlSplitterEx.AttachObject
  4. Define the TileMode to horizontally/vertically by setting ctlSplitterEx.TileMode – Property. [default: horizontally]
  5. Define the position of the tilebar by setting the ctlSplitterEx.TilePercenze – Property. [default: 30%]

Example to generate a splitter window with a textbox on the right an a button on the left:

private Sub Form_Load()
	me.ctlSplitterEx1.AttachObjects me.Text1, me.Command1, true
	me.ctlSplitterEx1.TileMode = TILE_VERTICALLY
End Sub

If you enjoy this control send me an email.

Download zipped source and demo project (3k)

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