Scrolling Support for ATL Composite Controls

Here’s a class that I wrote that adds scrolling support to any ATL Composite Control.

The following steps are needed to add scrolling…

  1. Include the ScrollImpl.h file
  2. #include "ScrollImpl.h"
  3. Add CScrollImpl to your inheritance tree
  4. public CScrollImpl
  5. Add the following entry to your Message Map
  6. CHAIN_MSG_MAP(CScrollImpl)
  7. Add a message handler for WM_INITDIALOG and add the following line to OnInitDialog…
  8. SetScrollSize( m_hWnd, xScrollPos, yScrollPos );
  9. Set xScrollPos to the position that you want
    horizontal scrolling to start and yScrollPos for the position
    you want vertical scrolling to start.

I’ve attached a sample workspace that contains the ScrollImpl.h file,
a project with a composite control that supports scrolling and an MFC
container for the control.


Download demo project – 27 Kb

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