Screen Saver Tray Icon Sample

This sample was contributed by Thierry Maurel.

The simple contextual menu
Screen-saver enabled… …and disabled

If you have ever tryed to read some big technical documentation on MSDN,
you will be aware of how irritating the screensaver is. The inverse is
annoying too : waiting for a locking-screensaver or open Display Properties
to select Preview if you want to lock your Workstation is not a simple
solution, if you have a lot of windows open on the desktop.

To this end I developed a simple tray-icon application that starts
or disables the screensaver. It provides a direct access to the Display
Properties, useful if your desktop is completely filled by applications.

Now there is 2 versions, one with MFC (the first I wrote) and another
one in pure SDK, because of the size of MFC Dlls and the fact that anybody
could have another version of the MFC in his computer. The two version
are exactly the same in the effects, it could be interesting to have a
look about the usage of splash screen or trayicons in SDK, I hope that
my implementation is good, but this is the first time I use somethings
like that in SDK, so don’t flame me !


Download source code (SDK Version) – 27 Kb
Download source code (MFC Version) – 30 Kb

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